Cheap Alternative Reflective Tape 3M Avery Oralite Orafol Conspicuity Tape Strips

3M alternative cheap DOT-C2 diamond grade conspicuity reflective tape in retro-reflection test

3M vehicle trailer reflective tape and strips (e.g. diamond grade 983 conspicuity tape), Orafol Oralite Reflexite (e.g. V52, V98 Pre-Striped Chevron, V92, V82, VC104), or Avery Dennison (e.g. V6700B, or V5720, T-11513 Fluoro Yellow) are among the best options nowadays for outdoor self-adhesive hi vis vehicle conspicuity markings or radium reflective tape. They are best for use on cars, motors, truck, trailers, emergency vehicle, school bus, motorcycle, bikes and similar traffic safety purposes.

However, their roll prices are very high.

Toptend is a top and reliable manufacturer, worldwide supplier & wholesaler of self adhesive waterproof reflective tape or conspicuity marking reflector tape in China (both microprismatic or glass bead types with industrial specifications). Our cost-efficient outdoor high visibility reflective tape roll and strips supplies for vehicles, trucks and trailers, at cheap price include DOT-C2, ECE 104 regulations compliant, diamond grade, high intensity prismatic, high intensity, engineer grade, class 1 and 2, among many other reflective sign sheeting vinyl, reflective materials for clothing.

And other traffic safety products we supply include anti slip tape, warning tape, floor marking tape, hook and loop/velcro tape, etc.

Like many of our overseas clients did, you can also use our supplies as best cheap alternatives to 3M, Avery Dennison or Orafol Oralite safety vehicle marking & conspicuity reflective tape and strips, such as highly reflective tape 3M diamond grade 983, 3M radium tape, or Orafol Reflexite V52/V82/ V92/ V98  Pre-Striped Chevron/ VC104, or Avery Dennison V-6700, V5720, T-11513 Fluoro Yellow conspicuity reflective tape for vehicles safety like trucks trailers emergency applications.

With our 15+ Years of long term manufacturing expertise and product warranty that best protect your benefits, you are rest assured for the product quality being reliable and consistent. You will also enjoy the competitively affordable wholesale prices right direct from our factory, and we will help strengthen your competitive advantages in your highly competitive local market.

Furthermore, by working with us, you will avoid below quality problems that may occur with other reflective tape suppliers. See further below for details.

  • The Different Options For 3M or Orafol Oralite Reflexite Vehicle Trailer Reflective Tape, Strips, 3M Radium Tape for Enhanced Nighttime Brightness (e.g. auto, cars, trucks, trailers, emergency vehicle and other vehicle conspicuity marking tape)
  • Case Studies: Quality Issues & Real Customer Reviews
  • Reflective Tape Comparison (Why Us)

Check Out Comparison That Will Work Great As Selling Points and Help Increase Your Sales

As a re-sales Australian company, we have been buying Class 1 & Class 2 reflective tapes from Toptend for the past 15+ Years. We have been serving many interstate clients for many years due to the high quality of Toptend products. We will continue to sell Toptend products because of it guaranteed quality and at prices our clients are happy with.
Australia class 1 class 2 reflective tape client
Safety Company in Australia
CEO & His Colleague

Case Studies of Problemetic Reflective Tape & Real Customer Feedbacks

It is true that there are faulty reflective tapes for cars and trailers, or even knockoffs on the market, you should proceed with the due care in your caution, barrier or vehicle marking high visibility tape sourcing.

For example, many manufacturers or suppliers of DOT or normal self adhesive reflective conspicuity tape roll for vehicles and truck trailers as used in low visibility and at night have much less durability for outdoor uses.

However, while some suppliers claimed durability is usually 3-5 years, the real life span could be much shorter than expected, as you can see in the below-listed cases.

Clients should be cautious when choosing a long-term supplier of reflective tape and conspicuity strips for vehicles trailers to work with.  Because we learned some quality issues and cases that happened within a short period from the overseas clients.

And if such things happen, that could mean the loss of your clients and relevant compensation may probably happen.

Toptend realizes the vital importance of consistently reliable high quality and what it means to your business. Therefore, we take very seriously the trusted quality both for reflective tape and materials at cheap roll prices as well as excellent customer services.

Please take a look below for some of the quality problems and real clients feedback.

This is NOT 3M Reflective Tape
It looks like 3M? Check again.
DOT-C2 Quality Claim
From Amazon's real customer
Color Fading (Before/After Colors to Compare)
Fluoro Yellow Green/Lime Yellow Color Fading
Cracks on Reflective Tape
Coming Off Soon Claim
From Amazon real customer

Toptend Reflective Strips and Conspicuity Marking Tapes For Vehicles/Trucks/Trailers vs. Other China Competition (Why Us)

As a leading and best reliable reflective tape and conspicuity tape manufacturer, factory, wholesaler, and supplier in China, Toptend aims to match the quality of the market leaders like 3M, Orafol Oralite, Avery Dennison retro reflective tape (but at a cheap price).

For example, our qualities are similar and could be used as alternatives to:

  • 3M diamond grade conspicuity tape 983, including 3M 983-10, 983-72, 983-71, 983-326, or 983-23 fluorescent yellow green/lime yellow radium tape roll for trucks trailers (e.g. fire trucks, and horse, boat, semi or utility trailer)
  • Avery Dennison V-6700B or V5720, T-11513 Fluoro Yellow/ Green conspicuity tape
  • Orafol Oralite V52/V82/V92/V98 Pre-Striped Chevron and reflective conspicuity tapes (including DOT-C2)

We summarize the below features for you to compare the self-adhesive conspicuity marking and warning tape we manufacture. And you will find ours are superior to other reflective tape and strips suppliers in China:

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Meets Industrial Standards

In manufacturing the best retro reflective tape at night for automotive cars and trailers that withstands long-term rugged outdoor use, such as diamond grade DOT conspicuity retroreflective tape, Toptend meets major international standards. Such as DOT-C2, ASTM D4956 and ECE104.

 Optimal Reflectivity

Our retro-reflection (e.g. the same type of reflective tape as competitors) is higher for most cases. And some of the best reflective tapes even reach the highest industrial levels same as 3M diamond grade conspicuity tape or radium tape roll (e.g. around 1000 cd/lux at 0.2/-4 degree). 

Longer term Durability

Excellent outdoor durability (up to 10 years) using imported raw materials, e.g. high-class acrylic & agressive solvent adhesive. Competitions use cheaper raw materials such as low-class or thin material, or mediocre glue, intrinsically haveing poor performance. For example, lower retro-reflection, short durability (lasts only several months to one year), and other quality issues like delamination, peeling & color fading.

Product Warranty

Every reflective tape is warranted with its respective durability period. And generally speaking, it is longer than many other reflective tape suppliers in China

Different Options at Varying Costs

More importantly, we produce and supply different options of reflective vehicle marking tapes tailored to meet your varying needs or costs. E.g. multi durability & affordable options that you can compete better in your market.

A quick note: we are able to tailor or custom our reflective tape or sticker rolls to your needs at the lowest prices.

3M 983 cheap alternative new DOT conspicuity reflective tape dot-c2 for vehicle marking ece104, China best manufacturer supplier wholesale

Other Traffic Products You Need to Check

We will make great efforts to be your reliable conspicuity marking retro-reflective tape manufacturer partner in China that you can trust.

Meanwhile, please also check our other cost-efficient and best quality reflective sheeting vinyl and reflective material for clothing (e.g. sew on high visibility reflective fabric, flame retardant reflective tape, reflective heat transfer film, etc for safety vests, workwear, etc).

They work great as cheap alternatives to 3M reflective tape and strips (e.g. 3M 983 conspicuity tape) at competitive cheap roll price, and also Avery Dennison or Oralite Orafol Reflexite (e.g. V52, V98  Pre-Striped Chevron, V92, V82, and VC104).

And we are committed to providing the best support to your business and sales.

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