The Cheapest Prismatic Reflective Tape & Sheeting H1610 (Patterns Similar to 3M, Avery or Honeycomb)

  • The Cheapest Micro Prismatic Retro Reflective Tape for Vehicle Conspicuity Marking, Traffic Cone Collar Sleeve or Other Traffic Safety Applications
  • With Patterns Similar to 3M, Avery Dennison or Honeycomb High Visibility High Intensity Tape
  • Good for Cost-Sensitive Clients with Low Budget
  • All Colors Including Fluorescent Yellow Green Available
  • Better Printing Performance
  • Positive Client Feedback With More Sales
Toptend reflective traffic safety products from china

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High Intensity Retro Reflective Tape - Micro Prismatic Vehicle Conspicuity Similar to 3M, Avery Dennison or Honeycomb

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This is the cheapest high intensity micro prismatic reflective tape or sheeting on earth. And this cheap high visibility retro reflective conspicuity tape for vehicle marking, traffic cone collar sleeve or other traffic safety uses has three patterns available. That includes patterns similar to 3M, star pattern similar to Avery, or honeycomb pattern (see below picture).

You will get the most cost-efficient reflective tape or sheeting, or conspicuity tape at a very cheap price that will help you strengthen your competitive edges in your market.

At the same time, you will NOT meet quality problems that may happen easily to other reflective tape manufacturers (see below case study).

And rest assured that we have many clients who have been happy working with us for more than 15 Years! Check out our customer feedback.

p.s. If you require it to have a higher retro-reflection and longer durability, do check our other High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Tape, such as H1630 or H1620 similar to 3M honeycomb conspicuity tape high quality, as below at end of the page.

cheap reflective tape for conspicuity vehicle marking

Watch this video on Toptend being a top manufacturer supplier of cost-efficient Reflective Tape (similar to 3M) at Cheap Prices, please check it out and contact us.

(We manufacture and supply these reliable vehicle marking tapes, similar quality to 3M 983, Orafol Oralite V82, V92, V98 / VC104, or Avery Dennison V6700B, V5720, T-11513 fluorescent yellow reflective tape for conspicuity marking. Including DOT-C2, Diamond Grade, High Intensity Prismatic HIP, Barricade or striped, Class 1 and 2, fluorescent yellow green or lime yellow color reflective tapes, etc).

Affordable High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Conspicuity Marking Tape H1610 vs. Other China Suppliers | Why Us

Our Product Advantages & Features Aimed to Increase Your Sales

Case Study: High Visibility Tape Quality Issues That You Should Pay Attention

Case Study: The Problems That Happened to Other Hi Vis Reflective Vehicle Conspicuity Marking Tape Suppliers

Before moving on to details about our tape and its comparative advantages, let us do a case study from real client feedback.

Check the below pictures which were sent by our clients. They have met the below problems when buying honeycomb reflective tape elsewhere.

And they are happy with our quality since they switched to us.

Because we have been paying great attention to reliably high quality since our establishment for 15+ Years, ensuring you are happy with our products all the time.

Therefore, you will not meet quality issues that you may encounter as a result of being careless in production as from other suppliers.

prismatic reflective tape problems to note and review

3 Patterns of the Cheapest High Intensity Retro Reflective Tape for Conspicuity Vehicle Marking

We manufacture 3 types of patterns in all colors (different patterns or colors are all at the same affordable price). They look different. See the below pictures to compare.

Diamond Pattern Similar to 3M
Star Pattern Similar to Avery Dennison
Honeycomb Pattern
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Check Out Advantages You or Your Clients Will be Happy With

Buy Reflective Tape Cheaper Reliable 

H1610 Advantages vs. Other Honeycomb Reflective Conspicuity Tape China Suppliers

Comparison Other Suppliers’ Products Our Products
Thickness & Appearance
Many use cheaper and thinner film (such as only around 0.22mm in thickness) to reduce costs. Have problematic tunnels at the backing paper of the tape.
Thicker materials and durable construction specially formulated as well as stricter quality control measures to overcome these issues with longer durability.

Backing Adhesive

Mediocre or cheap water-based adhesive, which may lead to problems such as, lift up or peel off in a short time.
Stronger solvent-based adhesive and good flexibility to work great with curved areas and not easily lifting up or peeling off and last longer.
Many have poorer printing quality or ragged edges, such as on printed arrows, squares and stripes. Strict high MOQ requirements for printing.
Improved printing quality with flexibly less strict MOQ printing requirements that better suit your needs.
Quality Control
Prone to quality problems like those in above case study
We always pay attention to quality and continue to improve it.

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China Reliable High Intensity Retro Reflective Conspicuity Tape Manufacturer Toptend

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dot c2 reflective tape for vehicle conspicuity marking china top manufacturer

Toptend is a leading and top China manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of reflective conspicuity tape or high visibility vehicle marking tape (DOT, ECE 104, diamond grade, SOLAS, high intensity or micro prismatic reflective tape), as best cheap alternatives to big brands (e.g. 3M 983 conspicuity tape).

We also manufacture and supply many other Reflective Sheeting vinyl, reflective fabric materials for clothing, night glow-in-the-dark tape, floor marking tape, and traffic safety products.

You are sure to be rest assured for product quality being reliable and consistent, resulting from our 15+ Years of accumulated manufacturing experience.

Many products we produced are cheap alternatives to 3M Scotchlite (e.g. 3M HIP 3930 or high intensity reflective tape ), Avery Dennison or Orafol Oralite self adhesive high visibility tape for conspicuity marking that earned good reputations.

We aim to assist you increase more sales and saving costs with our reflective tape that you can rely on. And we ensure low wholesale factory prices so that you can sell more at your local markets.

And importantly you will not have quality issues that may happen to you from other suppliers (see above quality issue cases). This is surely the basis of everything.


Cheap Reflective Tape & Sheeting H1610

  • Self-adhesive with pressure-sensitive adhesive (imported solvent-based adhesive that lasts longer) and backing paper or clear film;
  • Made from PVC materials
  • Good reflectivity working as the most cost-efficient and cheap high intensity micro prismatic honeycomb reflective tape for conspicuity, traffic cone collar sleeve or other traffic safety applications;
  • Easy operation and strong backing adhesive;
  • Better flexibility that works great with curves;
  • Durablity: up to 1-2 years (P.S. fluoro and red colors in this series have shorter durability time than other colors such as white and yellow. For higher requirements, check out our high-quality options listed below.

Suggested Applications:

Conspicuity vehicle tape & markings (such as for cars, trucks or trailers such as an emergency vehicle), high visibility reflective tapes, stickers or sheets, traffic cone or bollard collar sleeve, safety warning and hazard reflector, as well as similar traffic safety applications

Roll Size:

    • 5 cm x 45.72 m
    • 2.5 cm x 45.72 m
    • 2 inch x  50 yard
    • 1 inch x  50 yard
    • 1.24 m x 50 m
    • Other roll sizes are available upon request


11 inch red / 7 inch white or 6 inch red / 6 inch white alternating colors for cheap DOT-C2 reflective tape, fluorescent yellow green, white, red, yellow, blue, green, orange color, as well as any double color, printed arrows, squares, and stripes such as white/red, yellow/black, etc


Star pattern, honeycomb pattern, and diamond pattern

Packing of Reflective Rolls

For bulk orders, we usually use pallets to protect the cargo to deliver to you safely.  

Packing on Pallets
Well packed so you get cargo safely
Plastic Shrinkage Packing
Well packed to enhance good presentation and protection
Loading Into Container
We export and ship worldwide
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Other Cost-efficient Reflective And Traffic Safety Products We Manufacture

Alternatively, if you are looking for a high class and best retro-reflective tape, do check out below.

They are of the top quality at competitively cheap wholesale prices that you will be happy with for sure! 

Contact us now to save costs while making a bundle .

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