SOLAS Marine Reflective Tape

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  • Stronger Adhesive & Scratch Resistant
  • Could be used as cheap Alternatives to Oralite Solas M82, FD1404/1403, or 3M Scotchlite 3150 A, or Reflective Tape Material 6755 for Sew-on Application
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SOLAS Marine Grade Reflective Tape is a retroreflective material used to enhance the visibility of life-saving equipment in nighttime or low light conditions. It is tough weather and solvent-resistant tape for rugged outdoor maritime use. While USCG-approved SOLAS marine grade reflective tape 3M Scotchlite 3150A or Oralite solas M82, FD1403 and FD1404 are popular, Toptend has been manufacturing this marine series of retro-reflective tape in China for as long as 15+ Years which meets international standards.

With long experience and great expertise, we are a professional and one of the best Solas Grade Reflective Tape manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in China, among many other traffic safety products.

And we make efforts to supply you cost-efficient alternatives to big brands like 3M Scotchlite, Orafol/Oralite or Avery Dennison reflective tapes and vinyl film with similar qualities. So, you can save your costs and increase your comparative advantages at your market.

SOLAS Approved Marine Grade Retro Reflective Tape (3M Scotchlite 3150A & Oralite Solas Cheap Alternative)

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Types of Reflective SOLAS Marine Grade Tape We Manufacture

Like mentioned above, our products rival the quality of famous brands such as 3M, Avery Dennison or Oracal Oralite, such as Orafol FD1403/1403, M82 Alternative.

We supply SOLAS tape in two applications, as U.S. coast guard approved 3M does:

3M Scotchlite Reflective Tape SOLAS Grade 3150-
A is silver, flexible reflective material with an aggressive
pressure sensitive adhesive. 3M Scotchlite Reflective
Material – SOLAS Grade 6755 is a silver, flexible
reflective material with a sewable fabric backing

Specifically, one option is self-adhesive and comes with a removable paper backing. And the other option is without adhesive at back and for sewing purposes.

solas reflective tape of marine grade, China top manufacturer

Our marine reflective tape is comprised of an encapsulated lens optical design as opposed to prismatic reflective tape. And with optimal technology, it provides high reflectivity over a wide range of entrance angles and stands up to the marine environment. It is excellent for use on inflatable SOLAS (safety of life at sea) devices such as lifeboats, rafts, life vests or jackets.

And as you can see, they are silver in color under daytime and reflect bright white when there is light to make it reflective.

Rest assured about its quality. Because we got many clients buying and distributing our reflective tape and sheeting for many years. Please check our client feedback and their traffic safety applications.

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Reliable Reflective Sheeting & Reflective Tape Manufacturer in China Toptend

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Toptend deeply understands what is the most important in traffic safety products manufacturing and supplies.

As a trusted and top manufacturer factory, supplier exporting worldwide various reflective tape and sheeting vinyl, we aim to lower your costs, increase your sales and reach your specific requirements and technical standards in the traffic safety industry.

You can check out the list of Reflective Sheeting we produce, in comparison to 3M, Oralite or Avery reflective film or sign sheeting. Such as the popular 3M HIP 3930, or Oralite 5910, among many others.

And our high standard maintained in manufacturing the most reliable reflective products extends to other traffic safety products too. Do check out as below at end of the page for our popular reflective vehicle marking tape (e.g. Class 1, Class 2, DOT reflective conspicuity tape, diamond grade fluoro lime-yellow green reflective tape, etc).

All the above has been supplied at factory wholesale affordable prices for more than 15 Years with good feedback!


  • Flexible, UV stabilized, weather-resistant, and withstand a marine harsh weather environment
  • Pressure-sensitive (better solvent-based for Max. outdoor durability)
  • Both self-adhesive with backing paper or sew on options available
  • With honeycomb pattern
  • Meets industrial standards
  • Multi options to suit your needs
  • With excellent long term reflectivity and highly visible at long distance

    Suggested Applications:

  • Increase the visibility of life vests, life jackets, rafts, ring buoys, survival suits, lifebuoys/ life ring, markers, rain suits, backpacks, and a variety of other objects in marine and land environments as well as life support equipment
  • Other similar traffic stickers, cinta adhesiva, or warning reflector applications (e.g. suitable for uses on motorcycles or bikes too)


  • 5cm * 45.7m
  • Other roll sizes are available upon request   

Colors: white/silver with SOLAS marks

Packing of Reflective Rolls

For bulk orders, we usually use pallets to protect the cargo to make sure the rolls are delivered to you safely.  

Packing on Pallets
Well Packed So Arrives at You Safely
Small Box
Small Box Upon Your Requirement to Enhance Good Presentation
Loading Into Container
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