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As you know, engineer grade reflective vinyl has two different production technology, being glass bead and micro prismatic. Toptend is a leading engineering grade and engineer grade prismatic EGP reflective sheeting vinyl manufacturer, factory, and supplier in China.

We produce both in compliance with international standards such as ASTM D4956 Type I or EN 12899 standards as cheap alternatives to top-ranking brands, such as reflective vinyl film 3M EG 3200, 3M EGP 3430, Avery T-1500, or Oracal Oralite 5300/ 5400/ 5430/ 5500 /5510/ 5700 / 5710/ 6700, etc.

Detailed Comparison That Will Work Great As Your Selling Points At Your Market

We have very good partner in China and our clients have been importing in FULL CONTAINERS from Toptend many products. Such as commercial, engineering and high intensity prismatic reflective sheeting. Toptend products have passed the strict tests in lab of Brazil (MAUA).
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As mentioned above, we are supplying these two types worldwide at competitively cheap prices and specifically: 

  • Our glass bead H5200 and H-EG 7 years: similar to the quality of 3M Scotchlite engineering grade reflective sheeting film series 3200, Avery Dennison T1500, or Orafol Oralite 5300/ 5400/ 5430/ 5500 /5510/ 5700 / 5710, etc;
  • Our EGP: similar to 3M EGP reflective sheeting 3430, Advanced Engineer Grade Prismatic Sheeting 7930, or Oralite 6700, among others;

Both of them are excellent and cost-efficient choices for traffic road signs, reflective stickers (e.g. emergency vehicle), and many other traffic safety and reflective sheets applications such as traffic cone collars.

Our quality not only rivals famous brands such as 3M, Avery or Orafol (Oralite) but also is superior to most other engineering grade reflective vinyl film suppliers in China. 

We use high-quality raw materials and upgraded new technology in manufacturing to ensure the best quality reflective vinyl in China.

For example, pressure-sensitive adhesive we use is solvent-based glue for longer outdoor durability while most others use water-based ones for saving costs that sacrifice its quality.

Please check below for a summary of the two types as discussed.

The Types of Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting We Manufacture and Supply

Below info is to give you some basic ideas on how they are categorized:

Glass Bead Type as Cheap Alternative to 3M 3200 Reflective Vinyl

Toptend self-adhesive glass bead type engineer grade reflective film is designed to meet your specific various traffic safety requirements with the optimal quality (at the lowest costs).

And reliable quality at competitive prices together with excellent service is always the bedrock of our business precepts.

Our supply has several different subtypes:

  • H-EG 7 years: the normal acrylic type, screen and digital printing, 7 years durability, ASTM D4956 Type I and EN12899 specifications compliant with the highest industrial standards (rivals 3M EG 3200, 3290 white);
  • H 5200: the cheaper option than H-EG 7 years with excellent retro-reflection and durability up to 5 years;
  • H-EGC/Class 2 reflective tape: the cheapest engineer grade, work as a cost-efficient option for price-sensitive clients and has been exported for 15+ Years without problems;

Engineer Grade Prismatic EGP Reflective Sheeting Vinyl Top China Manufacturer (3M 3430 Alternative)

Our Engineer Grade Prismatic (EGP) Retro Reflective Film is of the similar quality to 3M 3430 Series (but at cheaper affordable prices). Also, both of them have the “EGP” marking throughout the reflective film.

Due to our exceptionally high technology and strict quality control, it far exceeds ASTM D4956 Type I specification. And actually, it is about 3-4 times brighter/more reflective than the above glass bead type engineering grade reflective.

A quick note: we tailor our reflective rolls to your needs at the lowest prices.

Why Choose Our Engineer Grade Reflective Vinyl Film (Compared with Other China Suppliers)?

Good Substitutes for 3M, Orafol or Avery
For example, our H5200 and H-EG 7 Years are cheap alternatives to 3M 3200 or Avery T-1500, or Oralite 5300/ 5400/ 5430/ 5500 /5510/ 5700 / 5710, among other top-ranking reflective vinyls.
Better Flexibility
Its flexibility has been proven to be better than most other competitors which are sometimes fragile or brittle.
Thicker Topcoat
Thicker topcoat makes it more durable while thinner ones may have quality issues soon and poor overall performance.
More Durable Glue
We only use the higher quality solvent-based self-adhesive pressure-sensitive glue for Max. outdoor life (many others use water-based).
The Highest Reflectivity in China
Our EG-7 Years reflective film is among the highest retro-reflection in China.

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We are very confident you will be happy with the reliable quality and competitive prices as we supply worldwide for more than 15 Years.

(If you are new to us, you are welcome to check out our customer testimonials and applications and find out how our clients think of and apply our products).

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