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If you are looking for cost-efficient diamond grade reflective vinyl by China reliable reflective sheeting film manufacturer at a truly competitive cheap price, please read below.

In fact,  we supply these diamond grade reflective sheeting with an aim to increase your sales and profits (as well as save money).

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More Useful Information About DG Reflective Vinyl Film

We have very good partner in China and our clients have been importing in FULL CONTAINERS from Toptend many products. Such as commercial, engineering and high intensity prismatic reflective sheeting. Toptend products have passed the strict tests in lab of Brazil (MAUA).
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What is Diamond Grade Reflective Vinyl?

  • Diamond grade reflective vinyl has the highest retro-reflectivity with the most efficient prismatic optics among all types of reflective sheeting on the market nowadays.
  • It accommodates wider ranges of observation angles from different size vehicles and entrance angles.
  • Several times brighter and much more visible than glass bead (such as engineer grade or honeycomb HIG) and about twice the brightness of next lower grade reflective sheeting (such as High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Vinyl). And it protects nighttime drivers better and reduces traffic accidents.
  • Above all,  it is self-adhesive micro prismatic vinyl that outperforms all the glass bead types and all the other grades of prismatic reflective vinyl or materials.
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We manufacture H1690 Diamond Grade Reflective Sheeting film in China. And we aim for its quality to be close (as cheap alternatives) to the world’s most reputable brands. Such as:

  • 3M Diamond Grade DG3 Retro Reflective Vinyl Series, namely 3M DG3 reflective sheeting series 4000 or Scotchlite VIP 3990 (such as 4090 white, 3M 4083 fluorescent yellow green /lime yellow, or 3M 4084 fluorescent orange)
  • Avery T-7500
  • And Oralite 7900

So if you are looking for alternative fluorescent color diamond grade reflective sheeting rolls at affordable cheap wholesale prices, do check out our Fluoro Yellow Green Diamond Grade Reflective Sheeting Similar to 3M 4083 or Fluoro Orange Diamond Grade Reflective Vinyl Close to 3M 4084.

In summary, it is an outstanding and the brightest reflective film for traffic safety and traffic signs or road signages that meets today’s highest performance specifications ever published.

China Top Diamond Grade Reflective Vinyl Film Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter Toptend

Toptend is a leading diamond grade reflective vinyl film manufacturer factory, supplier and exporter in China, among many other traffic safety products.

Other traffic safety products we wholesale include photoluminescent film, conspicuity tape, various reflective materials for clothing, floor marking tape, anti slip tape, warning tape, etc.

We have 15+ Years of supplying and exporting various reflective and safety products to the worldwide markets at cheap prices that you can afford and better your competitive advantages.

Many of our products outperform competitions produced by other China diamond grade reflective vinyl film manufacturers and suppliers. Toptend deeply understands that stringent quality control is the foundation of ourconsistently good quality and what it means for clients. As a result, we receive good feedback from our clients from many countries.

Please check out our client testimonials and their traffic safety applications to know more about our product quality and service.

A quick note: we are able to tailor our diamond grade reflective rolls to your needs at competitive prices.

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Then, without further ado, you can bulk up your local business and sales (and start saving money) by checking below our cost-efficient retro-reflective sign sheeting for more important and specification details.

And we welcome professional distributors and wholesalers to work with us.

P.S. We are also a top reflective tape manufacturer in China. So, if you are looking for high-quality best reflective tape at cheaper prices, please do check them out.

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