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Toptend has more than 15 Years as one of the largest and best manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of night glow in the dark photoluminescent vinyl sheets & tape,  luminous vinyl & tape in China. Our supplies are cheap alternatives to 3M or Avery Dennison luminous film.

Besides the above, we also manufacture a full selection of reflective tapes, reflective sheeting material, reflective fabric and heat transfer vinyl, and other traffic safety products.

And other traffic safety products we supply mainly include anti slip tape, hook and loop/velcro tape, warning tape, floor marking tape, among others, at wholesale low prices.

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In addition, we have been exporting worldwide with very positive feedback from clients since then.

(And our glow in the dark tape or photoluminescent vinyl film clients also include big brands, such as Orafol buys from us).

We have innovative technology in this field and keep upgrading quality. For example, one specific type of luminous tape we manufacture has successfully overcome some weak points that may happen to other suppliers.

So, please check our supplies below. And keep reading to find out as you may want to avoid such undesirable problems.

Reliable Glow In the Dark Tape China Manufacturer - Toptend

Orafol is our customer who buys luminous film from us - Toptend
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Orafol Company

Printable Photoluminescent Film Manufacturer Supplier (Close to 3M Luminous Glow in Dark Vinyl Tape)

Check this vido on Toptend being the top manufacturer supplier of cost-efficient Photoluminescent Film, Glow-in-the-dark vinyl, or Glowing Tape at a truly competitive cheap price in China, please watch this video and contact us. 

(Similar Quality to 3M, Avery, or Orafol Oralite luminous film or tapes).

General Product Info

As you may already know, unlike Reflective Conspicuity Tape Supplies, photoluminescent glow in the dark vinyl or tape is a specialty self auto night glow adhesive tape if exposed to lights. For example, sunlight or any other types of lighting, for as short as several minutes to charge them. And they are rechargeable unlimited throughout service life.

These photo luminescent vinyl work great for photoluminescent signs, floor marking, caution tape, warning stickers and last for years. Such as exit marking signage, anti-slip tape, emergency safety signs and luminous custom logo. Some uses may also include putting them on a motorcycle, bikes or cars, and even many other household applications.

Reliable Top Photoluminescent Vinyl Sheets & Luminous Tape Manufacturer Supplier - Toptend

We are proud to be one of the best photoluminescent night glow-in-the-dark vinyl, sheets and luminous tape manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in China (Similar to 3M Quality While At Cheap Prices). Therefore we have been making persistent efforts in manufacturing these luminescent products as per the highest international standards.

For example, we keep on researching and following up on the quality of luminous tape market leaders, such as 3M Luminous Film 6900, Scotchcal VP1587-30 or Avery SF 100 photoluminescent glow in the dark sign vinyl film (as their cheap alternatives).

More importantly, we wholesale them at much cheaper affordable factory prices. We believe it will make you save money and rack up more sales and profits.

(As a result of a long time remarkable effort into improving product quality, the famous brand Orafol has become our client buying glow in the dark photoluminescent vinyl film from us.)

You can check out different types as below listed to suit your specific different needs both technical and varying budgets.

Please take a close look at the below summary of three types of photoluminescent tape and vinyl we manufacture with their major features.

Types of Glow in the Dark Tape & Vinyl We Supply

Toptend self-adhesive night glow tape has three types for your different needs (such as digital printing or tight budgets):


The cheapest type, PET, glossy look, unprintable.

But Photoluminescent Tape H9100 is good to be supplied as diagonal glow tape with stripes as we can print internally in production.


Acrylic, matt, screen & digital eco-solvent printable, indoor or outdoor use.

Specially fabricated to withstand the cold or hot weather and overcome the problems that others may have.

Photoluminescent Glow in the Dark Film H9200 (Similar to 3M 6900 or Avery) for more details about how it is superior to competitions.


PVC,  glossy, screen & upgraded digital (eco-solvent) printing.

Photoluminescent Luminous Vinyl H9300 is a popular printable glow in the dark vinyl roll that we sell a lot.

A quick note: we are able to tailor our luminescent tape rolls to your needs at the lowest prices.

3M 6900 luminous film and avery sf 100 glow in the dark Luminescent vinyl film top alternative manufacturer supplier china

Furthermore, we offer these high-quality cheap night glow tape in different glowing luminance/photo luminosity (mcd/m²) such as 150 or 300 mcd according to DIN 6510 standards.

The glowing colors include neon green, blue, orange, purple, pink, etc.

So, they are categorized by various glowing times. For example, from 3, 5, 8, 10, 12 hours and longer (glowing the whole day long).

Other Products You Need to Check

We are also retroreflective sheeting manufacturer, and also reflective tape manufacturer in China. You may also need these traffic safety products with high industrial standards, do check them out.

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