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This is the highly cost-efficient High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Vinyl (HIP reflective sheeting film) with reliable quality and at cheap wholesale prices, as we supply and export worldwide. As a leading high intensity prismatic reflective sheeting (HIP) and various micro prismatic reflective vinyl film manufacturer factory, supplier and exporter in China, Toptend makes great efforts to match the highest quality in the industry.

In fact, Toptend has as long as more than 15 Years of manufacturing experience in the reflective material and traffic safety industries.

Our product quality rivals famous brands like 3M,Oralite or Avery Dennison micro prismatic reflective sheeting film. So, if you need a similar quality (but at cheap prices), do check it out.

(For example, click below our HIP reflective film H1630 series that works great as an alternative or substitute for 3M HIP 3930, Avery T6500, or Orafol Oralite 5900, 5910, 5930, 5931, or 5960).

Detailed Comparison That Will Work Great As Your Selling Points At Your Market

We have very good partner in China and our clients have been importing in FULL CONTAINERS from Toptend many products. Such as commercial, engineering and high intensity prismatic reflective sheeting. Toptend products have passed the strict tests in lab of Brazil (MAUA).
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General Product Info

Nowadays HIP retro reflective film is an important and popular reflective sheeting for traffic signs, road and street signages, traffic control devices, work zone signs, reflective sheets or stickers, and many other safety applications.

Actually, prismatic reflective vinyl has a couple of different types that are applied in large scope around the world.

The major ones are listed below. And we have been manufacturing them for many years (mainly used on aluminum, metal, or plastic substrates and good for screen pirntable or digital printing).

To clarify, their comparison as regards reflective visibility distance is shown in the below picture:

EGP HIP high intensity prismatic diamond Grade reflective sheeting vinyl comparison by top reflective film china manufacturer

As you know, the prismatic reflective film market is dominated by 3M as the most famous and best prismatic reflective sheeting vinyl manufacturer in the world.

But, here is sth you need to check out to save your costs.

Reliable High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting Manufacturer Toptend

If you are looking for the same good micro prismatic or other sign vinyl at very competitive low prices, then please continue to check below.

Toptend has been long established as an innovative and premier manufacturer and exporter of all the above three types of prismatic reflective options. We also supply various glass bead reflective film for road and traffic control signs or even other commercial applications (e.g. number plate, sign board, honeycomb stickers), among many other retro-reflective material and safety products, such as floor marking tape, or anti slip tape.

Besides the above, check out self-adhesive retro reflective conspicuity tape we manufacture for vehicle marking as 3M 983 alternative, such as the popular DOT-C2 Reflective Tape Supply. Or for Australia and New Zealand Markets, Class1 Reflective Tape and Class 2 Engineer Grade Reflective Tape. They are compliant with such international standards as, DOT-C2, ECE104, or AS/NZS 1906.1:2007 that are widely used and accepted.

We supply and custom them in colors like red/white/yellow or Fluorescent Yellow Green Diamond Grade Reflective Tape Similar to 3M 983-23.

(P.S. Our fluoro yellow green color tapes DO NOT FADE easily while most of the competitions in China do.)

The above also includes Hi Vis Sew on Reflective Fabric Tape (T/C or polyester backing), FR reflective tape & heat transfer film for safety vests, jackets, among other Reflective Materials for Clothing. These items are comparable to Scotchlite quality!

You can take a look at all the Reflective Sheeting We Manufacture compared with 3M, Avery, Oralite and other suppliers in China.

We have them all at the highest quality and do not have any complaints from clients’ feedback.

Over the past decade (15+ Years), we have been striving to supply the world market consistently high-quality traffic safety products at competitive cheap prices.

And we deeply understand the importance of delivering the right thing to clients.

A quick note: we are able to tailor our reflective HIP rolls to your needs at the lowest prices.

(Please contact us now with your requirements for our fast solution).

Why Choose Our Prismatic Reflective Vinyl Film (Compared with Other China Suppliers)?

Better Materials & Technology

We use imported high-quality acrylic and solvent-based top-quality adhesive as well as upgraded new technology. All of them ensure the highest quality, better reflectivity, and Max outdoor durability. So our products outperform other counterparts in China and always gain customers positive feedback.

Product Warranty

Every reflective vinyl or tape is warranted with their respective durability period. This period is the same as 3M reflective vinyl roll and also, longer than many other reflective sign sheeting suppliers in China

Different Options at Varying Costs

More importantly, we produce and supply different options of prismatic reflective film that are tailored to meet your varying needs or budgets. Such as varying durability and low-cost options.

Other Cost Efficient Reflective & Traffic Products

Toptend will be your reliable and trustworthy high intensity prismatic HIP reflective sheeting & vinyl film manufacturer and supplier in China and help you increase your sales and gain market shares quickly (and save more costs).

You are welcome to contact us with your specific needs. And we will reply with a solution tailored to your requirements at the lowest costs (OEM or ODM available).

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