High Intensity DOT-C2 Reflective Tape HT1200 (DOT Glass Bead Conspicuity Tape)

  • Cost-efficient Red and White High Intensity DOT-C2 Reflective Tape
  • Glass Bead With Honeycomb Pattern
  • Meet DOT & FMVSS Requirements at Competitive Prices
  • Improved Formula & Imported Raw Materials for Reliable Weather Resistant Performance
  • Positive Client Feedback with More Sales
  • Both With or Without DOT Logo Available
  • Cheaper Options Available To Meet Your Budgets
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High Intensity DOT-C2 Glass Bead Reflective Tape - China DOT Conspicuity Tape Top Manufacturer

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High Intensity DOT-C2 Reflective Tape is a glass bead conspicuity tape for vehicle marking with a honeycomb pattern, such as red/white alternating color.

While in contrast, another more popular type is Micro Prismatic Diamond Grade DOT Reflective Tape HT1690 similar to 3M 983, or other cheap options shown at end of the page.

The question is:

Do you want to work with a reliable China manufacturer and supplier of cost-efficient high intensity reflective tape or DOT-C2 red/white conspicuity tape (similar to the quality of 3M, Avery Dennison or Orafol Oralite vehicle marking tape)? And with consistently good quality at affordable factory wholesale prices?

Then, you are in the right place. Please do check us out.

Do you know actually 3M glass beaded high intensity conspicuity tape is not produced and supplied by 3M anymore? And we have been an important manufacturer and supplier of a selection of both DOT-C2 high intensity and prismatic diamond grade reflective tape in China, exporting worldwide for more than 15 Years.

Check out our customer feedback and their traffic safety applications (We have had clients working with us for more than 15 Years)! 

Two Major Types of Retro Reflective Tapes to Compare | Why Us

Our Product Advantages & Features Aimed to Increase Your Sales

Main Difference Between Micro Prismatic Diamond Grade & High Intensity Glass Bead Reflective Conspicuity Tape (Both DOT-C2 Compliant)

The high intensity retro reflective tape (glass bead) are available in two types in our production:

  • DOT high intensity conspicuity tape, such as red/white alternating color with DOT-C2 marking
  • Regular type without the DOT marking 

We manufacture both high visibility vehicle reflective tapes that comply with DOT, FMVSS 108, SOLAS, and ASTM D4956 regulations as per your requirements. And our clients are very happy with their quality.

Now, you may want to know more details about the difference between the two manufacturing technologies:

  • Glass bead 
  • Micro prismatic
Comparison High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Tape
Construction & Technology
Glass bead
Micro prismatic

Reflectivity (white color at 0.2/-4 degree)

250-300 cd/lux
Intrinsically prismatic diamond DOT-C2 reflective conspicuity tape is more reflective/ bright (1.5 - 4 times higher, good quality is generally between 400-1000 cd/lux).
2-3 options available and between 3-10 years to choose.
A couple of options ranging from 3-10 years to meet your budgets and durability requirements.
2-3 options available and we keep prices competitive.
A couple of options available and we keep prices cheap. Generally speaking, you get higher reflectivity for similar price.
High intensity vehicle marking tape mostly offers red and white alternating or single normal colors.
Besides normal clors, prismatic reflective tape has fluorescent colors, e.g. fluorescent yellow gren/ lime yellow & fluoro orange.

They look different. See below pictures to compare.

High Intensity Honeycomb Tape
Red/white DOT-C2
Prismatic Vehicle Marking Tape
Various options to meet your needs for costs and performance
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Check Advantages You or Your Clients Will be Happy With

High Intensity DOT Reflective Tape Cheaper Reliable 

Case Study: Reliable Quality vs Erratic Ones

Our reflective tape durability is as long as up to 10 years. However, NOT all the reflective conspicuity markings on the market supplied by other companies have the same 10 years of outdoor durability.

Many competitions are made of low-class raw materials and common manufacturing technology, which only lasts mostly a couple of months to 1 year (and easily have quality problems).

In contrast, our tape is made of high quality imported acrylic material, famous brand printing ink, and solvent-based adhesive that achieves rugged reliability with optimal reflectivity and lasts much longer.

Check out the below quality issues that may happen to other high intensity DOT C2 glass bead reflective conspicuity tape suppliers as we found on the market (that you need to pay attention).

Delamination Problem
Red color delaminated partly
Color Fading Issue
White color fades badly over time
Pitting Issue
Yellow color has pitting problems over time.
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China Reliable High Intensity DOT Reflective Conspicuity Tape Manufacturer Toptend

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Toptend has a long history (15+ Years) manufacturing different retro-reflective tape, digital printable Reflective Sheeting or vinyl for signs (commercial, engineer, prismatic, diamond grade), reflective fabric and materials for clothing, or luminescent film, among many other traffic safety products in China and exporting worldwide.

Many products we produced are cheap alternatives to 3M, Avery Dennison or Orafol Oralite that earned good reputations.

We always make great efforts to help you rack up more sales and start saving money with our reflective tape at the reliable quality and good wholesale prices. So you can sell more at your local markets with tight competition.

And importantly you will not have quality issues that may happen to you from other suppliers (see above quality issue cases). This is of vital importance to your business.


High Intensity Grade DOT-C2 Red/White Reflective Vehicle Marking Tape HT1200 at Competitive Prices

  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive (solvent-based adhesive and lasts longer)
  • Self-adhesive with backing paper or clear liner
  • Glass bead construction with honeycomb pattern
  • Meets DOT, FMVSS, and ASTM D4956 type V standards
  • Imported raw materials and famous brand ink for longer outdoor durability, waterproof, good UV weathering resistance, and highly reflective
  • Multi cost-efficient options ranging from 3-10 years to meet your budgets and durability requirements
  • With excellent long term reflectivity
  • Both DOT or without DOT marking are available

Suggested Applications:

Vehicle marking such as trucks and trailers, rail cars, bikes & motorcycles (use on wheel rims), emergency vehicles, school buses (e.g. on the bumper). And any other hazard warning, conspicuity marking and automotive safety reflective sticker purposes day and night.

Roll Size:

11 inch red / 7 inch white or 6 inch red / 6 inch white alternating colors in following roll sizes

    • 5cm x 45.72m
    • 2.5cm x 45.72m
    • 2 inch x  50 yard
    • 1 inch x  50 yard
    • Other roll size is available upon request


Red and white reflective conspicuity markings, as well as red, white or any other single colors

Packing of Reflective Rolls

For bulk orders, we usually use pallets to protect the cargo to deliver to you safely.  

Packing on Pallets
Well packed so you get cargo safely
Small Box
We use small box to enhance good presentation and protection
Loading Into Container
We export and ship worldwide
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Alternatively, please check below for some of other reflective and traffic safety products we manufacture. Toptend will be your reliable reflective tape manufacturer partner (e.g. SOLAS reflective tape, DOT-C2 or regular conspicuity tape) all the time. And we will make great efforts in helping your business grow.

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