Striped Reflective Barricade Tape, Hazard Tape, Chevron, Striping Tape & Sheeting H-DS, Class 1/Class 2

  • Both Glass Bead & Prismatic Available In a Variety of Options Including Class 1 and 2 Reflective Barricade Hazard Warning Tape
  • Cheap Alternative to 3M Scotchlite Reflective Striping or Stripe Tape, Orafol Oralite Pre-Striped Chevron Sheeting, etc
  • Improved Technology, Higher Reflectivity & Better Overall Outdoor Performance (From 1-10 Years Durability)
  • Multiple Options at Cheap Prices To Meet Your Technical and Budgets Requirements
  • Positive Client Feedback with More Sales by China Top Manufacturer with 15+ Years Experience
Toptend reflective traffic safety products from china

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Reflective Striping & Barricade Hazard Tape Manufacturer As 3M Scotchlite Alternative

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We manufacture and export different types of reflective barricade or striping tape (hazard warning reflective tapes) and vinyl sheeting options as per clients’ specific requirements both glass beaded or prismatic in China.

Among them, there are the cheapest striped reflective tape, reflective chevron panels, tape or sheeting with excellent retro-reflection, high visibility, and highly reliable quality.

More importantly, we aim our quality for the bar none market leader 3M. For instance, 3M flexible white/orange reflective barricade tape & sheeting (e.g. 3334L, 3334R, 3336L, 3336R), 3M Scotchlite Scotchcal reflective striping tape or Orafol Oralite V98 Pre-Striped Chevron Sheeting.

We have been exported these products in different grades for 15+ Years worldwide with positive feedback. Such as Australia (class 1 and class 2 reflective tape, both barricade warning or single colors as below), Asia (e.g. Singapore, Malaysia), Europe, and the USA.

And as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various retroreflective sheeting in China, including pre-striped diagonal barricade or chevron reflective tape and vinyl film, our accent is on the product quality as always.

You can check out reflective vinyl we manufacture in comparison with 3M Scotchlite, Avery Dennison or Oralite.

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Toptend vs Other Suppliers' Chevron Striped or Hazard Warning Reflective Tape & Sheeting

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Compare: Toptend Reflective Striping Tape vs. Other Suppliers

If you are looking for reliable diagonal chevron sheeting, striping, hazard warning or barricade reflective tape (similar to 3M Scotchlite quality, class 1 and 2) at a cheap factory wholesale price, please see below for comparison details.

More specifically, H-DS series we supply is available in different grades and types to meet your budgets and various specific needs for many different traffic control devices:

  • Either enclosed lens glass bead or micro prismatic
  • Diverse retro-reflection (commercial, engineer grade, high intensity, HIP, diamond grade that meet ASTM D4956 TYPE I, III, IV, IX or XI)
  • Different Durability (for example, from 3 to 10 years)

The Improved Formula & Upgraded Technology

We have upgraded our reflective tape and vinyl with improved production formula and process. Such as we use aggressive solvent-based pressure-sensitive adhesive and imported high-quality raw materials that ensure longer durability outdoor.  On the other hand, some other reflective tape suppliers use water-based glue,  mediocre materials in a simplified process for reducing costs.

High Retro-reflection

Our reflective stripe tape or sheeting has a higher reflectivity than competitors in many cases. So you will enjoy more selling points in your local market with stiff competition.

More Options at Cheap Prices

They are supplied in different grades and types of retro-reflective sheeting or tape to suit your budgets, meeting respectively different ASTM D4956 international standards

In other words, one of them will meet your specific requirements for reflectivity (e.g. from 50-1000 cd/lux), material preference, or durability. 

For instance, the glass bead types: commercial, engineer (ASTM D4956 Type I), or high intensity grade (ASTM D4956 Type III). 

And also micro prismatic retro-reflective barricade or chevron tape, including high intensity prismatic (ASTM D4956 Type IV) and diamond grade reflective film (ASTM D4956 Type IX and XI/11).

So contact us with your requirements for our quick reply with a suitable solution at competitive costs.

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Case Study From Barricade Tape Clients

Below is what we manufacture for overseas clients and a glance at its production.

Some of the reflective tapes are internally printed and have a tough top film, so they are scuff and scratch-resistant

Custom-made is available. Such as screen print on our Fluorescent Yellow Green Diamond Reflective Vinyl. That works great as 3M 4083 substitute or alternative supplied at very cheap prices.

With high-tack adhesive, they bond to most of the substrates as used in traffic safety applications. 

Class 1 Prismatic Barricade Reflective Sheeting or Tape
Customized Print for Clients
Class 2 Engineer Grade Glass Bead Barricade Sheeting or Tape
Shot in Prodution Facility Before Packing
Prismatic Class 1 Striped Reflective Tape
A Glance at Production
Fluoro Yellow Green Prismatic Reflective
Print for Europe Clients

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China Reliable Reflective Barricade Tape & Sheeting Manufacturer Toptend

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Toptend is a reliable reflective sheeting film manufacturer, supplier and exporter in China, among many other reflective material (e.g. high visibility fabric tape for clothing) and traffic safety products.

We have 15+ Years of supplying and exporting high quality reflective and road safety products to the worldwide markets at cheap wholesale prices.  We aim to help strengthen your competitive advantages in your local markets.

The products we manufacture include Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting similar to 3M 3200,  EGP Reflective Sheeting Vinyl or Tape similar to 3M 3430, High Intensity Prismatic HIP Reflective Sheeting similar to 3M 3930 HIP, etc.

You can also check out the comparison details between famous brands like 3M, Avery, Orafol, and other China suppliers compared with ours on the Reflective Sheeting page. So you understand better about our advantages that could mean more sales for you.

Be sure to check our client testimonials and reflective products applications to see how they view and apply our product quality.

With that, you can scale up your sales more efficiently by offering your customers cost-efficient alternatives that will save their money while be rest assured about the quality.


Barricade Pre-Striped Hazard Warning Reflective Tape & Chevron Panels Class 1/2 at Cheap Costs (Similar to 3M Quality)

  • Pressure-sensitive aggressive adhesive
  • Self-adhesive with backing paper or clear liner
  • Both micro prismatic or glass bead construction available (various grades/types at different costs and custom made to meet your needs. e.g. class 1 and 2 reflective tape or vinyl)
  • Meets ASTM D4956 standards and other industrial requirements
  • 1-3 years or other lifespan options (e.g. up to 8-10 years outdoor durability)
  • With excellent long term reflectivity (e.g. from 50 cd/lux to as high as the industrial highest 1000 cd/lux)
  • Adequate and excellent flexibility for different traffic control device uses

  Suggested Applications:

  • Traffic control barricade panels, barriers & barricades, construction work zones, drums & channelizers, crash-proof bucket and safety island, caution, barrier and hazard warning reflective tape
  • Striping, strips, pinstripe or rim tape for vehicle tailgate, fire trucks, cars, motorcycle, bikes, helmets, emergency and police departments such as on ambulance
  • Parking devices, reflective safety or caution stickers, conspicuity marking, and hazard warning, work zone or road safety security applications

 Stripe distance:

Both right or left slant options with different stripe sizes (e.g. 5cm/2 inch, 10cm/4 inch diagonal stripe width, among other widths)


  • 25mm/50mm/75mm/100mm * 45.7m
  • 1/8 inch,1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 1 inch, 2 inch * 150 ft.
  • 1.22m x 45.7m/48 inch x  50 yard
  • Other roll sizes are available upon request


Available in diverse diagonal stripe colors options, such as white/red, yellow/black, white/blue, yellow/red, white/orange, and many more.

Packing of Reflective Vinyl Rolls

For bulk orders, we usually use pallets to protect the cargo to deliver to you safely.  

Packing on Pallets
Well Packed So Arrives at You Safely
Loading Into Container
We Export and Ship Worldwide

Other Cost-efficient Reflective Products You May Need

Likewise, you are welcome to check out our other high-quality reflective tapes at cheap and competitive prices.

Start saving money by contacting us with your detailed diagonal reflective caution tape requirements and product needs. Then, we will reply fast with a cost-efficient and reliable solution that you can afford and bulk up your local business more easily.

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