Class 2 Engineering Grade Reflective Tape & Sheeting H-EGC (Cost-efficient Option)

  • Cheapest Engineer Grade Class 2 Reflective Tape & Sheeting as 3M Cheap Alternative (Reliable Quality)
  • Stronger Adhesive & Scratch Resistant
  • Non-printable Except We Print In Production, e.g. Striped Reflective Tape (Check Printable Engineer Grade Reflective Vinyl Film H-EG 7 Years for Signs)
  • Excellent Cost-Efficient Option for Price Sensitive Clients
  • Have Been Supplying & Exporting For 15+ Years
Toptend reflective traffic safety products from china

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Class 2 Reflective Tape & Sheeting Top China Manufacturer

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This is a cost-effective engineering grade class 2 reflective tape & sheeting which we have been manufacturing and exporting for 15+ Years at cheaper wholesale prices. In comparison, we also manufacture the best printable class 2 engineer grade reflective vinyl film H-EG 7 years, being an excellent cheap alternative (with same or similar quality) to 3M 3200 series or Avery Dennison T1500 class 2 engineer grade reflective tape & sheeting. 

While 3M class 2 engineer grade reflective tape & film is surely excellent in quality, its price is high.

Therefore, more and more clients around the world have chosen our supplies as alternatives that ramp up sales, lower their costs, and meet their technical requirements at the same time.

And Toptend is a leading professional China manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of class 1 and class 2 reflective tape, engineering grade reflective sheeting material in China, among many other traffic safety products (e.g. floor marking tape, anti slip tape at wholesale prices).

You are welcome to check our Class 1 Reflective Tape, with reliable optimal quality at lower prices. Such as Fluorescent Yellow Green Reflective Tape Similar to 3M Class 1 Diamond Grade 983-23 that does not fade in color as other competitions.

Rest assured, we have been supplying and exporting both class 1 and class 2 reflective products to countries even in full containers for many years. Please see below real customer feedback.

cheap engineer grade class 2 reflective tape similar to 3M Avery Dennison Orafol Oralite

Reflective Sheeting Comparison | Why Us

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Our Quality Compared with Big Brands

We are proud to say many of our products rival the quality of famous brands such as 3M, Avery or Oralite.

Therefore, many clients have chosen our products as substitutes for these brands.

For example:

  • Our H3200 or H3300 is good alternatives to Oralite 5200
  • Similarly, for road signs or other applications of higher requirements, our Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting is comparable to 3M 3200 (e.g. 3290 white), Oralite/ Orafol 5230/ 5300/ 5400/ 5430/ 5500/ 5700 or Avery T-1500 (ASTM D 4956 Type I)
  • And we also manufacture and supply class 1 reflective tape, e.g. high intensity prismatic HIP similar to 3M 3930, Avery T1500 or Oralite 5900/ 5910 /5930 (ASTM D4956 III and IV), and type 11 diamond grade reflective sheeting and tape similar to 3M dg3 4000 (ASTM D 4956 Type IX or XI).

They meet ASTM D 4956 and related industry standards and requirements respectively.

(And to prove our quality, we even have Orafol being our client buying from us)

Specifically, you will find detailed comparison info of reflective sheeting we manufacture with these brands as well as some of our client feedback on our traffic safety products and their applications.

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Real Case Study From Reflective Tape Client

Philip & His Colleague – CEO of Australian Traffic Safety Company at His Office & Factory in Australia

 As a re-sales Australian company, we have been buying Class 1 & Class 2 reflective tapes from Toptend for the past 15+ Years. We have been serving many interstate clients for many years due to the high quality of Toptend products. We will continue to sell Toptend products because of it guaranteed quality and at prices our clients are happy with. 

australia client of class 1 and 2 reflective tape testimonials


traffic signs faces by China manufactuers Suppliers

Class 2 Engineer Grade Reflective Tape H-EGC Similar to 3M at Cheap Cost

  • Glass bead construction (unlike EGP which is micro prismatic)
  • Good reflectivity & outdoor durability working as the most cost-efficient class 2 reflective tape or sheeting;
  • Pressure-sensitive aggressive adhesive (Improved solvent adhesive for longer durability than most of the others using mediocre water-based backing glue)
  • Self-adhesive with backing paper
  • Scuffs and scratches resistant
  • Non-printable (but we can internally print diagonal stripes in production)
  • Good for cutting plotters
  • Easy operation

    Suggested Applications:

  • Short term safety or warning signs, road and work zone signs, and other similar signages
  • Barricade reflective tape, hazardous areas marking or warning tape, reflective stickers, conspicuity vehicle marking or other traffic safety applications


  • 0.61m x 45.7m
  • 1.22m x 45.7m
  • 24 inch x  50 yard
  • 48 inch x  50 yard
  • 50mm/75mm/100mm * 45.7m
  • Other roll sizes available upon request  


Single colors: white, red, yellow,  blue, green, orange, brown, black

Striped double colors diagonal reflective tape: white/red, white/orange, white/blue, yellow/black, yellow/red, among others with left or right direction stripe at different widths such as 5cm/7.5cm/10cm * 45.7m

Feel free to contact us. We will assure you of our steady quality at competitive prices as well as good services.

Packing of Reflective Rolls

For bulk orders, we usually use pallets to protect the cargo to deliver to you safely.  

Packing on Pallets
Well Packed So Arrives at You Safely
Small Box
Small Box Upon Your Requirement to Enhance Good Presentation
Loading Into Container
We Export and Ship Worldwide

Other Cost-efficient Retro Reflective Tape Options

Finally, like the above mentioned, we manufacture and wholesale a selection of high quality reflective materials and traffic safety products. Such as reflective fabric tape for clothing like safety vests, floor marking tape, anti slip tape, luminous film, among many others.

Check out some of them below.

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