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traffic sign made by HIP high intensity prismatic vinyl reflective sheeting
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We Try Best To Ensure
Alternatives to Big Names
You get the same or similar quality to big names, such as 3M, Orafol or Avery (but at much cheaper prices). See the comparison chart below.
Best Value
The quality you got is the best or among the best available in China with quality warranty (and at very competitive prices).
More Competitive Advantages
You gain more competitive edges because many of our products have unique features or comparative advantages compared with competitors in China. See the comparison chart below or individual product page.
Avoid Faulty Products
With us, there will be no quality issues that you may encounter with other suppliers (check pictures at end for real quality case study).
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Looking for reliable reflective sheeting manufacturer and supplier in China at competitive wholesale prices? And more importantly, the quality is comparable to that of 3M, Avery Dennison or Oralite retroreflective sheeting vinyl for traffic signs as cost-efficient alternatives. 

Toptend supplies better solution than many other reflective factories or suppliers in China. (See product comparison charts below).

Actually, we have many clients working with us for 15+ Years (and Orafol buys from us being our client). So, please do check us out and find out more details on how you may get more selling points at your local market.

Specifically, we will try our best to ensure:

  • You get from us the same or similar quality to big names, such as 3M or Avery Dennison retro reflective sheeting for signs (but at much cheaper prices). See the comparison chart below.
  • The quality you got is the best or among the best available in China with quality warranty (and at very competitive prices)
  • You gain more competitive edges because many of our products have unique features or comparative advantages compared with other reflective manufactuers in China. See the comparison chart below. Also, the individual product page has more comparison details respectively.
  • With us, there will be no quality issues that you may encounter with other suppliers (check pictures in middle of the page for real quality case study)

Detailed Comparison That Will Work Great As Your Selling Points At Your Market

We have very good partner in China and our clients have been importing in FULL CONTAINERS from Toptend many products. Such as commercial, engineering and high intensity prismatic reflective sheeting. Toptend products have passed the strict tests in lab of Brazil (MAUA).
china manufacturer supplier with brazil EG and high intensity prismatic reflective sheeting HIP vinyl film clients
Signs Company in Brazil

Avoid Below Problemetic Traffic Signs

Airport Traffic Signs with Quality Issues
Made by Other Suppliers
Highway Sign Quality Problem
Made by Other Suppliers
City Road Sign Quality Problem
Made by Other Suppliers
Road Sign Fading Problem
Made by Other Suppliers
Prismatic Reflective Sheeting Delamination
From Other Competitions
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It is always important to  be careful in choosing which reflective sheeting supplier or manufacturer to work with because there are some of their quality are not steady or reliable, which may cause serious quality issues. Check out some real examples.

A quick note: we ensure you will NOT have these problems if working with us.

Reliable China Manufacturer & Supplier of Retroreflective Sheeting and Reflective Vinyl Film Toptend

Toptend is a top manufacturer factory, supplier and exporter of various grades of retro reflective sheeting in China for traffic signs, road sign board, railway signs, number plate, safety warning stickers, and many other traffic safety applications worldwide, meeting your stringent needs for retroreflective sign sheeting. 

We also manufacture Retro Reflective Tape Roll (For vehicle marking and so on), Reflective Material for Clothing (reflective fabric tape, FR tape, reflective heat transfer vinyl film), Photoluminescent Tape & Vinyl (glow in the dark luminous vinyl film for safety vests, jackets, fire coat, and signs for low light areas) and many more.

Our focus has been the consistency of high quality from the day of our establishment (more than 15 Years).

As one of the largest reflective sheeting and reflective material manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in China, different grades and types of retroreflective sheeting materials have been exported all over the world (more than 40 countries) with good customer feedback. 

We have made great efforts to keep our reflective vinyl manufactured in China comparable to those of Avery Dennison, Orafol Oralite, or 3M reflective sheeting for signs. However, our prices are lower and quite affordable. Therefore, we can help our clients achieve better competitive advantages over their counterparts in markets full of intense competition. 

So, if you are a new customer and concerned about the quality and services we offer and want to know more about us, please check our customer testimonials with their traffic safety applications.

A quick note: we are able to tailor our reflective film to your needs at the lowest prices.

Why Choose Our Reflective Vinyl for Traffic Signage?

Long History in the Industry (15+ Years)

One of the quick and understandable answers would be: we got many clients that have been working with us for 15+ Years. They have been purchasing from us since our establishment because of our strengthened high quality at competitively low prices and sustained good customer service.

You are welcome to check out the above-mentioned customer testimonials for references. 

Reliable Quality Similar to 3M, Avery Dennison or Oralite and Among the Best China (Cheap Prices)

Rest assured that our wholesale roll prices are much cheaper than retroreflective sheeting materials and vinyl suppliers, such as 3M Scotchlite, Orafol or Avery, our qualities are quite close to them (cheap alternatives). 

And when comparing our quality with China competitors, our quality is superior and has better comparative advantagesSo what you get from us is the best or among the best available.

Different Options at Varying Lower Costs

More importantly, we produce and supply different options of micro prismatic and glass bead reflective films that are tailored to meet your varying needs or costs. Such as varying durability, retroreflection, and low-cost alternatives and options or custom made for you.

The International Qualifications

There are industrial quality international standards, such as ASTM D4956, En12899, DOT, SGS to comply with.

And they last all the way throughout their claimed outdoor durability life span.

Our products have been accredited with the above quality qualifications respectively.

Comparative Advantages As Your Selling Points (Toptend vs Other Reflective Sheeting China Suppliers, 3M, Avery Dennison & Oralite)

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cheap advertising reflective sheeting H3100 by commercial grade retro reflective tape, sheeting film supplier manufacturer in China

Cheapest Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting & Tape H3100 - PET, Glossy, Scratch Resistance, Non-Printable

♦ Higher reflectivity (the highest in China: ours are as high as 47.5 cd/lux while others of 4-5 cd/lux to 30 cd/lux)

♦ Thicker topcoat (about 15-25% thicker and higher quality topcoat)

♦ More durable and has longer outdoor durability while many others use cheaper thinner topcoat, water-based glue, and much-simplified production procedures.

commercial grade reflective film sheeting vinyl H3200 for signs testing retro-reflection by 3M Retroreflectometer

Commercial Grade Reflective Vinyl Film H3200 - Acrylic, Screen, Eco Solvent Digital & HP Latex Printable, Superior Proven Overall Performance

♦ 25% – 80% higher reflectivity than competitors (China highest)

♦ More durable and longer outdoor durability (thicker topcoat while competitors ' thinner topcoat, water-based glue, and simplified production procedures)

♦ Better flexibility & easier applications compared to brittle others

♦ Better printing performance (screen, digital and HP Latex printable)

As cheap alternative to 3M 610,  or Oralite/Orafol reflective vinyl 5200.

digital printing reflective film eco solvent printable reflective sheeting vinyl film for signs

Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting H3300 - Screen, Upgraded Eco Solvent Digital Print & HP Latex Printable, Unique Formula & Improved Technology

♦ 65%+ higher retro reflection than most others

♦ Longer durability (solvent-based better performance glue and totally improved much better formula than others who simply use a low-cost PVC on top of cheaper and less reflective 3100)

♦ Upgraded printing performance (screen, digital and HP Latex print)

Cheap alternatives and comparable to retroreflective sheeting 3M 610,  or other brands such as Oralite commercial grade reflective vinyl 5200.

engineer grade vinyl reflective sheeting film, China top manufacturer supplier similar to retroreflective sheet 3M 3200, Oracal Oralite 5230, 5300, 5400, 5430, 5500, 5510, 5700, and 5710

Engineer Grade Reflective Vinyl

Comply with ASTM D4956 Type I

♦ Varying retro-reflection and durability at different prices to meet varying needs

♦ We have been exporting for 15+ Years in containers without problems

P.S. Various EG options and Class 2 Reflective Tape as substitutes and cheap alternatives to 3M EG 3200, Avery T-1500 / T1500, or Oracal Oralite 5300/ 5400/ 5430/ 5500 /5510/ 5700 / 5710/ 6700.

And EGP is comparable to 3M 3430 or Oralite 6700 or Avery T-2500 (e.g. cheap alternatives to Avery T 2500 or T 2000).

high intensity grade reflective sheeting, HIG reflective vinyl film china best similar to Oralite 5800, 5810 and 5830

Glass Bead Honeycomb High Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting H1200 - Cheap Alternative to Oralite 5800/5810

Comply with ASTM D4956 Type III

♦ Longer durability and more stable (such as, imported higher costs raw materials while others use domestic cheaper ones)

P.S. 3M does not produce it anymore. Being alternative to Oralite 5800 or 5810.

China top manufacturer of Striped or striping barricade reflective tape double color diagonal chevron reflective sheeting similar to 3M scotchlite

Striped Reflective Barricade Tape, Hazard Tape, Chevron, Striping Tape & Sheeting H-DS

♦ Either glass bead or micro prismatic (Class 1 & Class 2)

♦ Diverse retro-reflection (commercial, engineer grade, high intensity, HIP, diamond grade that meet ASTM D4956 TYPE I, III, IV, IX or XI)

♦ Different Durability (for example, from 3 to 10 years)

Check out Reflective Barricade & Chevron Tape and Sheeting (Hazard Warning).

3M 3930 avery oralite Orafol 5900, 5910, and 5930 cheap alternative high intensity prismatic HIP vinyl retro reflective sheeting filmretroflective sign sheeting film top quality China suppliers manufacturers

High Intensity Prismatic Vinyl

♦ Improved Formula & Longer Durability (e.g. imported raw materials and the overall better micro prismatic structure that ensures longer lifespan)

 ♦ Higher Retro-reflection (Among the Highest of the Same Grade in China)

♦ More Options at Cheap Prices & Positive Client Feedback with More Sales

P.S.  As cheap alternatives to 3M 3930, Avery T-6500 or Oralite 5900/5910/ 5930/5960.

diamond grade reflective sheeting vinyl film best 3M dg3 4000-4090 alternative in China similar to close to Oralite 7900

Diamond Grade Reflective Vinyl

Reliable and longer outdoor durability and more stable performance (we use imported raw materials while others use domestic cheaper ones. Also, the overall better micro prismatic structure that ensures longer lifespan)

♦ Does not fade as others (such as many other suppliers’ fluorescent yellow-green color fade in a couple of months soon)

P.S. Comparable and close to 3M DG3 4000 (such as 4090, 4083, 4084), Avery T-7500 or Oralite 7900.

Other Products You Need to Check

Importantly, these products become very popular around the world as we manufacture and export for 15 Years: Reflective Tape for Conspicuity Marking similar to 3M, Avery Dennison or Orafol Oralite including DOT-C2, Diamond, or high intensity grade.

They are the best cheap alternatives and comparable to 3M 983 (Such as 3M 983-23 FYG, 3M 983-10 or 983-72) in vehicle marking or other equivalents as used in clothing industry.

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