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Our Featured & Hot Products (2023 Update)

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DOT-C2 and 3M avery oralite alternatives diamond grade reflective conspicuity tape in retro-reflection test BY 3M machine

Cheap Alternatives to 3M, Avery Dennison, or Orafol Oralite Reflective Conspicuity Tape

♦ Superior reflectivity being higher than competitors (among China highest)

♦ More durable and works longer in outdoor durablity (at cheap prices)

P.S. As cheap alternative to 3M 983,  Avery V6700-B, V5720, T-11513, or Oralite Orafol V52/ V82/ V92/ V98, among others.

traffic sign material commercial grade reflective sheeting film,acrylic advertisement grade reflective vinyl oralite 5200 alternative H3200

Commercial Grade Reflective Vinyl Film H3200 - Screen, Digital HP Latex Printable, Matt

♦ Higher reflectivity than competitors (China highest)

♦ More durable, better flexibility & easier in applications

P.S. As cheap alternative to 3M 610,  or Oralite/Orafol reflective vinyl 5200.

digital printing reflective film eco solvent printable reflective sheeting vinyl film for signs

Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting Vinyl H3300 - Screen, Upgraded Eco Solvent Digital HP Latex Printable

♦ 65%+ higher retro reflection than most others (China highest)

♦ Longer durability

P.S. As cheap alternative to 3M 610,  Avery or Oralite commercial grade reflective vinyl 5200.

Striped barricade reflective tape double color diagonal chevron reflective sheeting class 1 and class 2

Barricade Reflective Sheeting & Warning Tape

♦ Either glass bead or micro prismatic (Class 1 & Class 2)

♦ Diverse retro-reflection (commercial, engineer grade, high intensity, HIP, diamond grade that meet ASTM D4956 TYPE I, III, IV, IX or XI)

♦ Different Durability

3M alternative class 1 prismatic diamond grade fluorescent yellow green / lime yellow reflective tape DOT-C2

Diamond Grade Fluorescent Yellow Green Reflective Tape/Class 1 HT1690FYG 

♦ Improved formula & longer durability (Not fade quickly as competitions)

 ♦ A couple of options available (from cheap to best option of up to 10 years)

P.S. Cheap alternatives to 3M, Avery or Orafol Oralite Diamond Grade Fluorescent Yellow Green Reflective Tape (e.g. 3M 983-23 / 4083 Class 1 )

3M 983 cheap alternative new DOT conspicuity reflective tape dot-c2 for vehicle marking ece104, China best manufacturer supplier wholesale

DOT-C2 Reflective Conspicuity Tape (Glass Bead or Prismatic Diamond Grade, DOT or Regular)

♦ Cheap Alternatives to 3M, Avery or Orafol Oralite Diamond Grade Or High Intensity Reflective Tape (e.g. 3M 983, Avery Dennison V6700B, V5720, T-11513 fluorescent yellow conspicuity tape)

♦  Better Quality Than Other China Suppliers

♦ Multi options for low, middle, and high-end market (from cheap to best option up to 10 years durability)

Flame Retardant Reflective Fabric Tape cheap best in china, Cheap Alternative 3M 8932, 8935, 8986, 8987, 8940 FR Fire Resistant Fabric

Reflective Materials For Clothing

♦ Cheap Alternatives to flame-resistant fire coat trim 3M Scotchlite 9586/9587, fire-resistant FR fabric 3M 8932/ 8935/8986/8987/8940, 3M Scotchlite 8906/8910/8912/ 8925, as well as 3M Scotchlite 9910 and 9925 silver reflective fabric for industrial wash

♦  Better Reliable Quality Than Others

Buy Higher Quality Reflective & Traffic Safety Products CHEAPER

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Philip & His Colleague – CEO of Australian Traffic Safety Company at His Office & Factory in Australia

 As a re-sales Australian company, we have been buying Class 1 & Class 2 reflective tapes from Toptend for the past 15+ Years. We have been serving many interstate clients for many years due to the high quality of Toptend products. We will continue to sell Toptend products because of it guaranteed quality and at prices our clients are happy with. 

australia client of class 1 and 2 reflective tape testimonials

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