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Are you looking for the best quality reflective sign vinyl film & sheeting as an Orafol Oralite alternative at cheap wholesale prices? Then, do check us out. Toptend manufactures many retro-reflective vinyls as alternatives to, e.g. Orafol Oralite 5200, 5300, 5400, 5430, 5500, 5510, 5700, 5710, 5800, 5810, 5830, 5831, 5900, 5910, 5930, 5931, 5960, 6700, 7900, etc.

And more importantly, besides much lower factory prices, you can rely on our quality that is comparable or similar to top-ranking brands, such as 3M, Avery or Oralite/ Orafol reflective sheeting for traffic signs or conspicuity tape. And also many of our products are superior compared to other factories or suppliers in China.

best reflective sheeting film for signs vinyl china

Specifically, we will try our best to ensure:

  • You get from us the same or similar quality to big names, such as 3M, Oralite/Orafol or Avery reflective film (but at much cheaper prices). See the comparison chart below.
  • The quality you got is the best or among the best available in China with quality warranty (and at very competitive prices).
  • You gain more competitive edges because many of our products have unique features or comparative advantages compared with other counterparts in China. Also, the individual product page has more comparison details respectively.
  • With us, there will be no quality issues that you may encounter with other competitions.

Reflective Sheeting & Vinyl Film Comparison: Orafol Oralite, Other China Suppliers vs Toptend

See Our Product Advantages & Comparison Details That Will Increase Your Sales

In this post as below, we will focus more on Oralite/Orafol self-adhesive reflective sign vinyl film compared with ours.

Specifically, by checking right below, you will find out which of our products are similar to Orafol Oralite 5200, 5300, 5400, 5430, 5500, 5510, 5700, 5710, 5800, 5810, 5830, 5831, 5900, 5910, 5930, 5931, 5960, 6700, 5931, 6700, and 7900 respectively (previously reflexite).

(On the other hand, see the complete comparison at 3M and Avery Dennison reflective sheeting alternatives for more details and also for real quality case study)

Check Out Comparison Summary

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Striped barricade reflective tape double color diagonal chevron reflective sheeting class 1 and class 2
Pre-striped Barricade Tape or Sheeting

♦ Various grades and types to choose with different reflectivity, durability and costs

♦ Improved Technology & Better Overall Performance

♦ Imported ink printing for Max. retro-reflection and weather-resistant performance 

♦ Various chevron double colors available, e.g. white/red, yellow/red, yellow/black, fluorescent/black, etc

P.S. Check out Reflective Barricade & Chevron Tape as a great alternative to Oralite 5831 or 5931. 

cheap advertising reflective sheeting H3100 by commercial grade retro reflective tape, sheeting film supplier manufacturer in China
Commercial Grade H3100 - Nonprintable, Glossy, The Cheapest Glass Bead Reflective Sheeting

♦ Higher reflectivity (the highest in China)

♦ Thicker topcoat (about 15-25% thicker and better quality topcoat)

♦ More durable while many others use cheaper thinner topcoats, water-based glue, and much-simplified production procedures.

P.S. The cheapest glass bead reflective sheeting H3100 is a cheaper cost-efficient alternative to Oralite 5200 reflective sheeting (except H3100 is non-printable).

traffic sign material commercial grade reflective sheeting film,acrylic advertisement grade reflective vinyl oralite 5200 alternative H3200
Commercial Grade H3200 - Acrylic, Screen & Digital HP Latex Printable, Matt

♦ Higher reflectivity than competitors (China highest)

♦ More durable and last longer for advertising and commercial signs or other applications like stickers

♦ Better flexibility & easier in applications compared to others being brittle

♦ Better printing performance (screen, digital and HP Latex printable)

P.S. Commercial Grade Reflective Vinyl Film H3200 is a cheap alternative to Oralite/ Orafol economy grade 5200.

digital printing reflective film eco solvent printable reflective sheeting vinyl film for signs
Commercial Grade H3300 - Screen, Upgraded Digital & HP Latex Printable

♦ Higher retro-reflection than all others in China

♦ Longer durability (totally improved much better formula than others who simply use a low-cost PVC on top of cheaper and less reflective 3100)

♦ Upgraded printing performance (screen, digital and HP Latex print)

P.S. Digital Eco-solvent Printable Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting Vinyl H3300 is a cheap alternative to Orafol Oralite 5200 reflective film.

engineer grade vinyl reflective sheeting film, China top manufacturer supplier similar to retroreflective sheet 3M 3200, Oracal Oralite 5230, 5300, 5400, 5430, 5500, 5510, 5700, and 5710
Engineer Grade (glass bead or EGP, Class 2 reflective tape)

♦ Comply with ASTM D4956 Type I

♦ Varying retro-reflection and durability at different prices to meet varying needs

♦ We have been exporting for 15+ Years in containers without problems

P.S. Engineer Grade Reflective Vinyl in multi options works great as cheap alternatives to 3M 3200, Oracal Oralite 5230, 5300, 5400, 5430, 5500, 5510, 5700, and 5710.

And EGP is comparable to 3M 3430 or Oralite 6700.

high intensity grade reflective sheeting, HIG reflective vinyl film china best similar to Oralite 5800, 5810 and 5830
High Intensity (Glass Bead)

♦ Comply with ASTM D4956 Type III

♦ Longer durability and more stable (such as, imported higher costs raw materials while others use domestic cheaper ones)

For more details, check out this page high intensity reflective vinyl and tape similar to 3M to choose from.

P.S. 3M does not produce it anymore. Being alternative to Oralite 5800, 5810 and 5830.

3M 3930 avery oralite Orafol 5900, 5910, and 5930 cheap alternative high intensity prismatic HIP vinyl retro reflective sheeting filmretroflective sign sheeting film top quality China suppliers manufacturers
High Intensity Prismatic (HIP, Class 1)

♦ Improved formula & longer durability (e.g. imported raw materials and the overall better micro prismatic structure that ensures longer lifespan)

 ♦ Higher Retro-reflection (Among the Highest of the Same Grade in China)

♦ More Options at Cheap Prices & Positive Client Feedback with More Sales

P.S.  HIP Reflective Film & High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Vinyl as cheap alternatives to 3M 3930, Avery T6500 or Oralite 5900, 5910, 5930, 5931, or 5960.

diamond grade reflective sheeting vinyl film best 3M dg3 4000-4090 alternative in China similar to close to Oralite 7900
Diamond Grade

♦ Reliable and longer outdoor durability and more stable performance (imported raw materials and the overall better micro prismatic structure that ensures longer lifespan)

♦ Does not fade easily as others (such as many other suppliers’ fluorescent yellow-green color fade in a couple of months soon)

P.S. Diamond Grade Reflective Vinyl Film close to Oralite 7900.

A Quick Introduction About Toptend

Our Quality Measures Up with International Famous Brands

Founded in 2008, Toptend has grown into one of the largest and best reflective material and reflective sheeting vinyl suppliers, factories, and manufacturers in China, among many other traffic safety products.

China reflective sheeting vinyl factory for signs, manufacturer of luminous vinyl, glow in the dark film, photo-luminescent tape, reflective tape, reflective material

We do have many clients who come back to us even after having tried with other reflective vinyl film suppliers. Because, they compared the quality, services, or overall performance. Then, they finally chose us as their trustworthy and reliable supplier of reflective vinyl and reflective materials for the long run.

Furthermore, among our clients, quite a lot have been working with us for more than 15 Years, right from our time of establishment.

Below are some of our client testimonials about us and time says for itself.

Clients Testimonials (REAL)

If other suppliers quality was same good as yours, my problems would be less.

Canada retroreflective sheeting film client

Harald - CEO

Canadian Sign Company

We have been working with Toptend for 15 Years. During this time, they have consistently provided the highest level of service & maintained a hands-on approach to our business relations. We strongly recommend them and will continue to work closely with them in the future.

retroreflective fabric tape material client

Jeanette - GM

Philippine Traffic Safety Company

Since 2008, we have been working with Toptend for High intensity, Commercial and Prismatic (fluoro yellow green) reflective sheeting. We are very happy with their quality and services.

Europe Reflective sign sheeting vinyl film client

David - Marketing Manager

Europe Sign Company

In summary, if you look for any of Oralite Orafol reflective sign sheeting alternatives (e.g. Oralite Orafol 5200, 5300, 5400, 5430, 5500, 5510, 5700, 5710, 5800, 5810, 5830, 5831, 5900, 5910, 5930, 5931, 5960, 6700, or 7900, among others), our supplies will meet your requirements and save a lot of costs for you.

And you can see the complete comparison charts with all retro reflective sheeting we manufacture for more details and also for the real quality case study.

Also check out one of our best sellers Reflective Conspicuity Tape we manufacture as excellent alternatives to Oralite V92, V98 or 3M counterparts.

You are welcome to check out more customer feedback and reflective & traffic safety applications too.

Please contact us now and start growing your sales as well as saving more costs!

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