Reflective Sleeves Collars & Vinyl Material for Traffic Cone

  • Various Options Reflective Collars & Sleeves Tape Available for Traffic Cone, Bollard, Delineator, Post, etc (e.g. High Intensity, Commercial Grade, Prismatic, among others)
  • Highly Durable And Impact Resistant With Excellent Reflectivity That Complies With Required Standards, such as ASTM D-4956 Type III
  • Meet A Wide Variety of Specifications And Cone Sizes
  • Improved Technology With Excellent Flexible Property
  • Multiple Options at Cheap Prices
  • Positive Client Feedback with More Sales
Toptend reflective traffic safety products from china

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Replacement Reflective Cone Sleeve Collars Similar To 3M & Oralite

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Toptend manufactures and supplies different types of reflective traffic cone sleeves or collars tape which also work great for various posts, bollards, delineators, and many other similar traffic safety applications.

(In the world market, flexible prismatic reflective collar sheeting for traffic cone series 3M 3340 or Oralite are no doubt among the best quality options. And they charge an absolute premium.

As a reliable and innovative reflective sheeting material manufacturer, factory and supplier in China, we wholesale both finished replacement reflective traffic cone collar sleeve and its vinyl film rolls that have been exported and well received by our customers worldwide for 15+ Years. Because they have good features at much cheaper costs you need (please continue to see below).

Traffic Cone Reflective Tape Comparison | Why Us

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Toptend vs Other Traffic Cone Reflective Collar Suppliers

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Prismatic Options With or Without Adhesive
High Intensity Grade Glass Bead Cone Sleeves (ASTM D4956 III)
Prismatic Similar to Reflexite Oralite
For High Road Cones

Comparison of Toptend Reflective Cone or Bollard Sleeve vs Other Suppliers

If you are looking for a good cost-efficient solution to the replacement reflective collar for traffic safety cone, bollards or similar devices at a competitive cheap factory price, please see below for comparison details.

The Proven Good and Appropriate Flexibility

That means it will not crack, brittle or become too hard in cold conditions. And will not become too soft or buckle in hot weather as well. They will resist the impact of the likely damages when the traffic devices (e.g. traffic cone, bollards, delineators, and similar items) are hit or bouncing backing from impacts and can bend at 90 degrees for a large number of times.

High Retro-reflection

From a beginning range of 30+ to 50+ cd/lux to as high as 500+ to 700+ cd/lux for reflectivity, our different options will well meet your various requirements at one stop.

More Options at Cheap Prices

We manufacture both micro prismatic and glass bead reflective sheeting for cone sleeve in a couple of options that are designed to meet your varying technical requirements and costs. Such as, different durability and retro-reflection at competitive prices that you can choose from to meet your budgets and technical requirements.

Because we do understand your market is competitive and you need them at cheap prices that can bulk up your local sales more easily (together with consistent quality and service). 

We want to work closely with you to win at your market.

Excellent Overall Performance at Cheap Prices
Reliable in its overall performance (and you save costs)
Positive Feedbacks That Boost More Sales
Well received quality and services. You or your roadway safety clients will be happy too (together with sales growth).

The Case Study From Real Traffic Safety Clients

Below is two of the clients that have been using our reflective cone collars sheeting with good results:

Reflective Tape Vinyl for Traffic Cone Collar Sleeve in Russia

Here is a road cone reflective collar bending test by our Russian client. The ones marked Not Smooth have apparent cracks while the others look smooth and were proven to works great in real applications and withstand Russia harsh weather conditions over time.

  • Good and appropriate flexibility
  • More options to choose for your various specific application requirements. Such as micro prismatic or glass bead types and in different grades as well.
  • Long-term good retroreflection performance in the desired durability.
  • Affordable cheaper prices (than 3M 3340 or Oralite prismatic reflective cone collars sheeting series).
Not Smooth or Flexible
Smooth or Flexible
Not Smooth or Flexible
Smooth or Flexible

Flexbile Prismatic Replacement Reflective Traffic Cone Sleeves in USA

In addition, below is what we have been producing for our traffic safety USA client for their replacement reflective traffic cone sleeves tape (with art designs below).

The traffic cone sleeve production and business have been 7+ years for the USA client without any problems so far.

Designs For Traffic Cone Sleeve in USA
Designs For Traffic Cone Sleeve in USA

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China Reliable Reflective Cone Collar Sleeve Manufacturer Toptend

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Toptend is a top and reliable reflective sheeting vinyl manufacturer, supplier and exporter in China, among many other reflective material and traffic safety products.

You can also check out the comparison details with brands like 3M, Avery, Orafol, and other China suppliers on the Reflective Sheeting page.

We have 15+ Years of supplying and exporting to the worldwide markets at cheap wholesale factory prices you can afford and better your competitive advantages.

Please check out our client testimonials and their applications to see how clients view our product quality and service.

With that, you can scale up your business more efficiently by offering your customers an excellent alternative that will save their money while be rest assured about the quality.


Reflective Traffic Cone Collars & Sheeting Supplies at Affordable Costs

  • Pressure-sensitive self adhesive, with backing paper or clear film
  • Both micro prismatic or glass bead construction available (various different grades/types/costs)
  • Meets ASTM D4956 standards
  • 1-3 years or other lifespan options (up to 7-8 years outdoor durability)
  • Durable and impact-resistant with excellent long term reflectivity
  • Adequate and excellent flexibility for different traffic control device uses

     Suggested Applications:

  • Hi-vis reflective sleeves (custom sizes), reflective bands or tape for traffic cones (for instance, PVC or PET orange road safety cone of 1 metre, 750mm and 500mm or 18″ and 28″), barriers, guidepost, bollards, delineators, drums & channelizers
  • And many other similar traffic safety, packing, warning or construction management devices


    • Custom-made sizes for your specific needs or rolls size as below
    • 0.61m x 45.7m
    • 1.22m x 45.7m
    • 24 inch x  50 yard
    • 48 inch x  50 yard
    • Other roll sizes in rolls or customized collar sleeve sheets are available upon request


Typically white color, while other colors available too upon request

Packing of Reflective Rolls

For bulk orders, we usually use pallets to protect the cargo to deliver to you safely.  

Packing on Pallets
Well Packed So Arrives at You Safely
Loading Into Container
We Export and Ship Worldwide

Other Cost-efficient Reflective Products

Please start saving money by contacting us with your specific requirements. Then we will work out a cost-efficient and affordable solution that meets your budgets and technical needs.

And please include such details as retro-reflection, glass bead or prismatic, color, durability in years, volume needed so we can quote the right type.

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