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Top Conspicuity Tape & Reflective Sheeting Vinyl Film China Manufacturer - Comparable to 3M, Avery Dennison or Orafol Oralite

About Toptend

Toptend is a leading manufacturer of conspicuity tape and markings, reflective sheeting vinyl and film, reflective materials for clothing and luminescent film and tape, as well as many other traffic safety products in China.

Our discount supplies include dot reflective tape manufacturing, solas, ece104 and other specifications vehicle marking or reflector tapes, different grades of reflective vinyl for traffic signs, photoluminescent vinyl (as cheap alternatives to 3M, Avery Dennison or Orafol Oralite Reflexite). And we also wholesale anti slip tape, warning tape, and floor marking tape, etc. Our specialty is in traffic and road safety fields with more than 15+ Years of intensive experience.

Check out our customer testimonials to find out more about how our clients think of our quality. And many of our clients have been working with us for 15+ Years.

We also have famous brand customers, such as Orafol who buys from us.

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Long Establishment

The time dated back to 2008 when we started operation. Our products have been receiving positive customer feedback for 15+ Years.

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Replaced Big Brands (e.g. 3M)

So far we have exported to more than 40 countries around the world and even Orafol buys from us. And many of our conspicuity tape and reflective sheeting products among them as we supply have replaced 3M, Avery or Orafol/Oracal counterparts.

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Better Quality & Lower Price

Only high-quality reflective materials and products are manufactured and supplied, exporting worldwide at competitive prices and at the same time we aim for the best reliable quality that rivals 3M Scotchlite (e.g. 3M 983), Oralite or Avery. (And at affordable cheap wholesale prices while the quality is superior to other suppliers in China).

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Check Out Our People

Besides the busy production at the factory, we also find time to have fun.

We, from time to time, have staff gathering of some types. Such as dinner, sales promotion, learning seminar, year-end summary, etc.

We hope to gasp the passing moments with pictures.

And in this way, we are able to re-check them and remember every fun and happiness in future.

company staff gathering and meeting
company staff management learning gathering

Check Out and Compare

You are welcome to check out our products that have kept our clients happy for 15+ Years since the beginning of our production.

Various Reflective Vinyl Roll and reflective tape for trucks, trailers, school bus, motors, etc, both micro prismatic and glass bead. And almost all of the reflective vinyl and sheeting are screen, UV, and digital eco-solvent inkjet printable. Also custom-made is available. Such as:

diamond grade reflective sheeting retroreflective sign sheeting vinyl film China best

Diamond Grade Reflective Vinyl close to 3M DG3 4000 / 4090 series. And fluorescent orange and fluorescent yellow green / lime yellow similar to 3M 4080 / 3M 4083/ 3M 4084 (ASTM D 4956 Type IX, Type XI/11)

3M 3930 avery oralite Orafol 5900, 5910, and 5930 cheap alternative high intensity prismatic HIP vinyl retro reflective sheeting filmretroflective sign sheeting film top quality China suppliers manufacturers

High intensity micro prismatic HIP Reflective Film Comparable to 3M 3930 (ASTM D 4956 Type IV specifications)

3M alternative diamond grade reflective tape DOT-C2

The important and popular DOT Reflective Tape Supplies and many other conspicuity tape similar to 3M 983 series (Diamond Grade, ECE or DOT-C2).

And we also manufacture and wholesale reflective material, and most of them are affordable substitutes for 3M Scotchlite counterparts. Such as:

Furthermore, other products we supply at wholesale competitive price include: photoluminescent vinyl manufacturing (glow in the dark film),  reflective sticker and sheets, anti slip tape, floor making tape, warning tape, velcro tape, and many more traffic safety products.

So, if you are seeking a reliable conspicuity tape, reflective material and retroreflective sheeting film manufacturer factory in China to work with and source high-quality reflective products such as diamond grade, HIP, engineer grade (including Class 1 Reflective Tape and Class 2 Reflective Tape), please do check us out.

We will make sure you get consistently and internationally recognized high quality supplied at the best cheap wholesale price.

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