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Dedicated Traffic Safety Professionals Since 2008!

Toptend is a leading and reliable manufacturer, factory and supplier of retro reflective sheeting material, reflective tape manufacturing (class1/2, DOT-C2, high intensity, HIP, diamond grade, ECE 104, among others), hi vis reflective material for clothing (e.g. reflective fabric, rainbow reflective options, flame retardant reflective tape for safety vest, jackets, athletic) as well as photoluminescent vinyl and luminous tape supplies (luminous glow in the dark film) in China.

We also wholesale other traffic safety products, such as anti slip tape, warning tape, floor marking tape, velcro tape, etc, at good prices.

Many of our clients from 40+ countries have worked with us for 15+ Years and replaced their 3M Scotchlite, Avery, or Orafol (Oralite) counterparts.

For example, the famous brand Orafol is our client who buys from us! That well proves that our product quality is deemed as excellent and reliable.

Alternatives to Big Brand

Many of our products are in the same or similar quality to retroreflective sheeting material and tape manufacturer brands like 3M Scotchlite, Avery Dennison, or Orafol (Oralite) and work great as their alternative substitutes.

Better Quality Than Other China Suppliers

Our quality is superior to most counterparts of other reflective sheeting material and tape manufacturers or suppliers in China (please refer to individual product page for detailed comparison)

Honest & Reliable at Cheaper Costs

We are taken as a reliable and trustworthy supplier in China by our clients working with us for 15+ Years! They are happy with our quality at competitively low costs.


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Check out What Our Clients Say (REAL)

If other suppliers quality was same good as yours, my problems would be less.

Canada retroreflective sheeting film client

Harald - CEO

Canadian Sign Company

We have been working with Toptend for more than 15 years. During this time, they have consistently provided the highest level of service & maintained a hands-on approach to our business relations. We strongly recommend them and will continue to work closely with them in the future.

retroreflective fabric tape material client

Jeanette - GM

Philippine Traffic Safety Company

Since 2008, we have been working with Toptend for High intensity, Commercial and Prismatic (fluoro yellow green) reflective sheeting. We are very happy with their quality and services.

Europe Reflective sign sheeting vinyl film client

David - Marketing Manager

Europe Sign Company

Philip & His Colleague – CEO of Australian Traffic Safety Company at His Office & Factory in Australia

 As a re-sales Australian company, we have been buying Class 1 & Class 2 reflective tapes from Toptend for the past 15+ Years. We have been serving many interstate clients for many years due to the high quality of Toptend products. We will continue to sell Toptend products because of it guaranteed quality and at prices our clients are happy with. 

australia client of class 1 and 2 reflective tape testimonials

Application Examples of Reflective Vinyl & Retro reflective Sheeting Material (From Signs Manufacturer)

Of course, 3M reflective sign sheeting for traffic or road signs is the best in the world (but its price is high).

And we manufacture various reflective sheeting materials in complying with international standards such as ASTM D4956 or EN12899.

(And we aim to make our quality rival 3M, Avery Dennison or Orafol Oralite but at a much cheaper wholesale price).

Please check below for some of the applications by our clients in different countries using our high quality self-adhesive reflective vinyl, sheets or reflective sheeting materials. 

We hope these will assist with client testimonial/feedback on us being a reliable China manufacturer of reflective sheeting material, together with reflective tape, high visibility reflective fabric tape, as well as many other traffic safety products. Thus they help make you know us more.

The below applications use our different types of reflective vinyl film (pictures were shot and sent by our overseas clients).

Digital Printing on Toptend Reflective Vinyl H3300 in LA, USA

The video shows the sign printing process on our H3300 by the long-term client from LA, USA. The professional client in the traffic safety field has been operating the business for more than 25 years since he moved to the USA in his 20s from another nation. They started working with us since 2010 and we are still doing business nowadays.

The products they have been purchasing from us include Digital Printable Reflective Vinyl H3300. And also include other reflective films, e.g. Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting as they make a lot of road signs and advertisement signs locally in USA.

They are very happy with our products as many of our products are of the same or similar quality as 3M, Orafol Oralite, or Avery Dennison reflective self-adhesive sheeting. That includes the cheap inkjet reflective vinyl (low-cost alternatives to the big brands).

Road Sign Applications in Europe (Printed by HP Latex Printers)

The client in Europe has been working with us since 2009 and is very happy with our reflective sheeting vinyl supply for the consistency in quality.

As a result, they are very confident in us and therefore have been applying their trademark (OEM) on the reflective film.

Their purchases mainly include commercial, high intensity and prismatic reflective sheeting (e.g. fluorescent yellow green and so on).

Traffic Sign Applications in Russia

The client in Russia is very happy with our reflective sheeting vinyl for its performance as used for traffic road signs.

The successful applications well shows our reflective vinyl film works great in the extreme cold weather as in Russia!

And they even used them with leds for work zone applications. They received positive feedbacks from their local clients and increased sales and profits as a result.

H3300 Digital Printed in Europe

Unique Formula & Superior to Others

Compare: Eco-Solvent Digital Print Reflective Vinyl Film H3300 vs Others

Below is brief comparison. See more details in H3300 page:

  • Combines more printing solutions: solvent & eco-solvent print, HP latex, UV inkjet printing, and screen printable
  • Better ink absorption and curing performance as well as optimal overall printing performance
  • Solves the problems others may have, such as wrinkles, bubbles, shrinkage, and delamination resulting from PVC overlay
  • Higher retro-reflection
  • Longer outdoor durability (Others usually last several months while ours last up to 3-4 years).

Reflective Sheeting Vinyl Film Tests for Traffic Cone Collar Sleeve in Russia

Here is a traffic cone reflective collar sleeve bending test by our Russian client. The ones marked Not Smooth have apparent cracks while the others look smooth and were proven to works great in real applications and withstand Russia harsh weather conditions over time.

  • Good and appropriate flexibility
  • More options to choose for your various specific application requirements. Such as micro prismatic or glass bead types and in different grades as well.
  • Long term good retroreflection performance in the desired durability.
  • Affordable cheaper prices (compared to 3M 3340 prismatic cone sheeting series).
  • Not Smooth or Flexible
    Not Smooth or Flexible
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    customer testimonial review for reflective tape of conspicuity vehicle marking

    Reflective Tape Client Review on Us

    In 2018, the client has OEM with their branding in their order and is very happy with it compared to their local supplies. And they indicated they did not want poor quality in exchange for cheap price.

    Their order mainly include DOT-C2 reflective tape, fluorescent yellow green conspicuity tape and also in single colors.

    The steady quality makes their clients keep coming back!

    Diamond Grade Reflective Sheeting Client Feedbacks (We won the Tender)

    In 2023, this client bought our diamond grade reflective sheeting for a tender in his country. They also purchased anti slip tape with us.

    We checked with them some time after our cargo reached them.

    As you can see, their feedbacks are positive!

    Diamond reflective sheeting & tape customer testimonial and feedback

    The above only lists a part of reflective products client testimonials.

    We hope they will assure you that you will be happy with our product quality and services since the time of our cooperation at the outset.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us or start checking our traffic safety products now (that will help grow your sales and save costs as we did with other customers).


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