Compare Top 3 China Luminous Glow in Dark Vinyl - 3M/Avery Photoluminescent Film & Tape

Luminous vinyl, glow in the dark film luminescent sign vinyl

In this post, we will clarify the best 3 different options of popular glow-in-the-dark tape and vinyl manufactured in China, compared with other well-known brands, e.g. 3M photoluminescent tape or luminous film 6900, 3M Scotchcal VP 1587 luminescent tape and Avery SF 100 glow in the dark vinyl.

Actually, the above-mentioned glowing products’ prices vary a lot. For example, the industry-leading brand, 3M is one of the best self-adhesive luminous tape and photoluminescent film manufacturers and suppliers. A typical product is 3M 6900 luminous film or VP 1587 luminescent vinyl, whose price is several times higher than those made in China.

It is of vital importance to choose the right partner to work with, considering there are so many luminous tape and glow-in-the-dark vinyl film manufacturers and suppliers out there on the market.

Among them, there are long-term established market players with the reliable product quality or newly launched suppliers with unstable quality

(See real quality issues you should pay attention as case studies at this page Glow In The Dark Photoluminescent Film H9200).

luminescent film glow in dark film rolls and china luminous vinyl

The comparison will be:

  • Firstly, compare the top three types luminescent vinyl manufactured in China. And it will help you choose the right type that best suits your need at the lowest costs.
  • Then we will dive into their specifics vs. big brands mentioned above.

P.S. After reading the below comparison, you will understand better how to choose the right night glow sign vinyl film that better meets your requirements and at the same time, saves costs!

Major Difference Among The 3 Options Glow In The Dark Vinyl Film & Luminous Tape By China Top Manufacturer Toptend

Without further ado, we will deal with the comparison in the below steps:

  • Material and appearance differences
  • Major features difference among them
  • Glow time with different costs

Firstly, in the current market, most are made from two types of materials, namely:

Besides them, there is another different material:

  •  Acrylic (e.g. Luminescent Film H9200) which we manufacture at a better advantage. And H9200 has improved performance resulting from upgraded formula and technology.

As you may know, all of them are great and widely used as glowing tape stickers, safety warning or emergency signs such as exit signage, non-slip/anti-skid resistant tape, logo, masking tape, safety walk marking, shipboard sign, wall or stair decoration in low light conditions (e.g. theatre, cars) and many other similar uses.

alternative 3M 6900, VP 1587 glow in the dark vinyl, photoluminescent tape night luminous vinyl film by china top luminescent sign vinyl manufacturer factory

Below is the summary of major differences of the best 3 waterproof glow in the dark vinyl & tape mentioned above: 

Products Apperance Materials Printability Remarks Durability
Non-printable (Except work as diagonal glow tape with stripes as we can print internally in production)
The cheapest option
Up to 8-10 years indoor
Screen, digital, eco-solvent inkjet printing
Specially fabricated to withstand the cold or hot weather & overcome the problems that competition may have
Up to 8-10 years indoor
Screen & digital, eco-solvent inkjet printable
Cost efficient for digital printing needs
Up to 8-10 years indoor

Their costs from high to low are H9200 > H9300 > H9100 (but all are supplied by us at affordable competitive wholesale factory prices).

Of course, all of them are good for cutting plotters.

And their glowing period normally ranges from 3 hours to 12 hours and the price will be from low to high in the same sequence of the glow time.

To sum up quickly:

  • If you do not need to print, or you need diagonal striped photoluminescent tape or vinyl, use H9100;
  • Or, if you need to screen or digital print by yourself, H9300 (glossy) is good and more cost-efficient than H9200 (matt);

By considering such factors as costs, printing requirements, appearance or material preference, glowing time duration, you may already come up with your initial idea about them.

Our Supplies vs. 3M Photoluminscent Tape Film 6900, 3M VP1587 & Avery Glow In The Dark Vinyl

3M luminous film or photoluminescent tape 6900, 3M Scotchcal VP 1587 luminescent tape or Avery Glow in the dark vinyl (e.g. speciality vinyl SF 100) are among the best popular choices on the current market. 

Check out below:

We list their major features in comparison with our options for you to understand better and choose wisely, trying to lower your costs a lot.  

Products Apperance Applications Surface Type Applied Printability Adhesive Durability Luminance (mcd/m2)
3M 6900 Luminous Film
Primarily interior use: luminous signs and markings, including safety signage
Flat to simple curved
Screen printing
Permanent pressure sensitive
7 years
10 min: 30 / 60 min: 6
3M Scotchcal VP1587-30
Interior glow signs & markings and vertical outdoor exposure
Flat to simple curved
Screen Printable
Solvent acrylic; pressure-sensitive
Up to 10 years interior or up to 2 years outdoor vertical use
10 min: 30 / 60 min: 6
Avery Glow In The Dark Film SF 100

Indoor use

Flat to simple curved
Screen print
Clear permanent acrylic
Up to 5 years
10 min: >25 / 60 min: >5
Toptend H9100
Indoor use
Flat to simple curved
Non-printable (except striped diagonal rolls we supply)
Permanent pressure sensitive
Up to 8-10 years
10 min: >30 / 60 min: >6 (5H Grade)
Toptend H9200
Primarily indoor use
Flat to simple curved
Screen & Digital Eco-solvent printable
Permanent pressure sensitive
Up to 8-10 years
10 min: >30 / 60 min: >6 (5H Grade)
Toptend H9300
Indoor use
Flat to simple curved
Screen & Digital Eco-solvent printable
Permanent pressure sensitive
Up to 8-10 years
10 min: >30 / 60 min: >6 (5H Grade)

In fact, the luminance figures of our luminescent vinyl above are based on our 5H grade. (And we have 3H, 5H, 8H, 10H, 12H, and higher custom grades available with higher luminance value).

Generally speaking, our prices are several times cheaper than the above listed top-ranking manufacturers.

You can consider our products because famous brand Orafol has chosen us to supply these glow vinyl rolls!

A Quick Briefing About Toptend

Our Quality Measures Up with International Famous Brands

We are not only the above-mentioned top glow-in-the-dark luminous tape & vinyl film manufacturer and supplier in China.

China reflective sheeting vinyl factory for signs, manufacturer of luminous vinyl, glow in the dark film, photo-luminescent tape, reflective tape, reflective material

Toptend is also a leading conspicuity tape manufacturer as Avery Dennsion, 3M or Orafol cheap alternatives for vehicle marking, reflective sheeting supplier, high visibility reflective material manufacturer, together with many other traffic safety products with more than 15 Years of manufacturing history.

Many products we manufacture are cheap alternatives to 3M, Avery Dennison, or Oralite.

Now, to rack up more sales and profits on the competitive wholesale market, it is better to have a product that has steady quality, comparative advantages (and at a good price).

Certainly, Toptend will well address these concerns for you, like we did for our clients.

(Because famous brand Orafol already buys luminous film from us. And we have been supplying the global market for 15+ Years.)

Check out how our clients think of us and their traffic safety applications. And you can rely on our quality, expertise, and services. 

With all these 3 types out there to choose from, Toptend is well poised to meet your requirements for photoluminescent tape or film fully and perfectly. 

At the same time, we will offer you competitive cheap wholesale prices so you can increase more sales quickly.

Contact us with your specific needs in detail. And we will reply with a solution you will be happy with.

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