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DOT-C2 and 3M avery oralite alternatives diamond grade reflective conspicuity tape in retro-reflection test BY 3M machine

Toptend is a reliable and top China manufacturer factory, worldwide supplier & exporter of DOT reflective tape & DOT-C2 approved conspicuity tape for vehicle marking (e.g. red white or red & silver), among many other reflective vinyl film, reflective sheeting & materials, and traffic safety products.

And other traffic safety products we wholesale include anti slip tape, hook and loop/velcro tape, warning tape, floor marking tape, among others, at good prices.

Many of our clients have successfully increased their local sales after replacing big brands with our supplies. Because their customers accept our tapes as good affordable alternatives to 3M, Avery Dennison or Orafol Oralite tapes, such as 3M 983 DOT, Avery V5720, Orafol V82/V92/V98 DOT-C2 conspicuity tape.

With as long as 15+ Years of industrial manufacturing rich experience, you are warranted for our reliable and consistent product quality. And we know the worldwide markets are now full of fierce competition, you need to and will always get cheaper wholesale factory prices from us in order to help better your competitive edges.

More importantly, you should always pay attention to faulty reflective tapes and their quality issues that happened with other suppliers.

Check out below to learn more:

  • The Different Options For DOT Approved Reflective Tape (Prismatic Or Glass Bead)
  • Case Studies: Quality Issues & Real Customer Reviews that You Need to be Cautious About
  • DOT-C2 Conspicuity Reflective Tape Comparison (Why Us)

Cost Efficient Best Options For DOT Reflective Conspicuty Tape

Price Level From High to Low: HT1690 > HT1620 > H1610

Product Comparison That You Can Use As Great Selling Points in Your Local Sales

Our Company is based in South America and deals with various types of tapes including DOT-C2 conspicuity tapes which is one of best sellers in wholesale business. We have been buying reflective tapes from Toptend since 2009 and are pretty happy with everything!
DOT-C2 reflective conspicuity tape client meeting in China
Purchasing Manager

Case Studies: DOT-C2 Reflective Tape Issues & Real Customer Reviews That Happened to other Manufacturers Suppliers

Not all DOT-C2 conspicuity tape suppliers’ qualities are steady. You should note the fact that there are defective tapes and also knockoffs easily found on the market.  Of course, you and your customers do not want those.

For example, many DOT or normal reflective conspicuity tape manufacturers or suppliers have such problems as less durability for outdoor uses or color fading unexpectedly.

The outdoor real lifetime may be a lot shorter than expectations, with examples shown in the below-listed pictures.

We do hear from some clients of different countries who come to buy from us, after trying with other DOT suppliers. Because quality issues happened with them, they lost confidence together with money and time elsewhere.

Toptend is well aware of the importance of consistently reliable quality and what it means to clients. Therefore, we focus a lot more on the high quality of the reflective tapes and services.

Now, check out below examples with reflective conspicuity markings‘ quality problems as well as clients’ real feedbacks and reviews.

(These real customer applications are on trucks, trailers like reflective bumper tape, household landmarks, etc. Nothing special.)

Ripped Off
Amazon Real Client Feedback
This is NOT 3M Reflective Tape
It looks like 3M? Check again.
DOT-C2 Conspicuity Markings That Does Not Last
From Amazon's real customer
Red Bleed Spots & Other Issues
Color Fading (Before/After Colors to Compare)
Fluoro Yellow Green/Lime Yellow Color Fading
Cracks on Reflective Tape
DOT Reflective Tape Not Hold Up Against UV Weather
Falling Apart Claim
From Amazon real customer

Toptend DOT-C2 Reflective Conspicuity Tapes vs. Other China Competition (Why Us)

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As a reliable and best DOT C2 reflective tape and conspicuity tape manufacturer factory and supplier in China (e.g. red & silver, red and white), Toptend aims to supply highly cost-efficient reflective products that could replace the market leaders with the highest technology and expertise (at much cheaper wholesale price).

For example, our qualities are similar to:

Thus if you want to save money on them, please check and compare our self-adhesive conspicuity marking and warning tape that has below features and is superior to other competitions in China:

Meets Industrial Standards

To manufacture best DOT retro-reflective conspicuity marking tape that withstands long-term rugged outdoor use and is up to code,  Toptend complies with related international standards. Such as diamond grade prismatic DOT conspicuity retroreflective tape in compliance with DOT-C2, FMVSS108, ASTM D4956 and ECE104.

 Optimal Reflectivity

When compared with other suppliers, our retro-reflection is at a higher level for most cases. Furthermore, we have some specific reflective tapes that even reach the highest industrial reflectivity levels same as market leaders like 3M/Avery/Oralite DOT-C2 conspicuity tape (e.g. around 1000 cd/lux at 0.2/-4 degree for white color). 

Longer term Durability

We use imported raw materials, e.g. better acrylic & adhesive. To control costs, many competitors use cheaper low-class raw materials or ordinary glue, resulting in poor or unstable performance. For example, lower reflectivity, shortened durability (lasts only several months to one year outdoor), delamination, peeling, and color fading. You surely do not want any of these to happen.

Product Warranty

Every DOT-C2 reflective tape roll we manufacture is warranted with its respective durability period for the expected outdoor performance. And generally speaking, it is longer than many other reflective tape suppliers in China

Different Options at Varying Costs

To meet your budgets, we produce and supply different types of DOT reflective vehicle marking tapes at varying costs. E.g. a selection of durability & affordable options that you can choose and well compete in your local market. So you are able to sell more and save money!

A quick note: we are able to tailor our DOT reflective tape or sticker rolls to suit your specific requirements at the cheapest costs.

3M 983 cheap alternative new DOT conspicuity reflective tape dot-c2 for vehicle marking ece104, China best manufacturer supplier wholesale

Other Traffic Safety Products to Check Out

Please consider us as your long term reliable and trustworthy dot conspicuity retro reflective tape manufacturer partner in China.

At the same time, you are welcome to check out our best quality reflective sheeting vinyl, luminescent film and reflective material for clothing (e.g. sew on high visibility reflective fabric, flame retardant reflective tape, reflective heat transfer film, etc for safety vests, jackets, etc).

(Similarly, a selection of them are similar to 3M, Avery or Oralite Orafol qualites).

And we are committed to providing you with the right supports you need to rack up more sales and profits.

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