Commercial Advertising Grade Reflective Sheeting Vinyl

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As a top and reliable commercial or advertising grade reflective sheeting and vinyl manufacturer and factory in China, we supply various reflective vinyl for signs being cheap alternatives to 3M Scotchlite, Avery Dennison, or Orafol Oralite (But much cheaper)!

Even though it is mainly for price-sensitive clients and designed for economic purposes, our quality is not compromised. And when compared to other commercial or advertisement grade reflective sheeting vinyl manufacturers and suppliers,  our quality is proven to be superior to others. You will enjoy comparative advantages or unique features that will help you grow your sales and profits!

Detailed Comparison That Will Work Great As Your Selling Points At Your Market

Since 2008, we have been working with Toptend for high intensity, commercial and prismatic (fluoro yellow green) reflective sheeting. We are very happy with their quality and services.
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Traffic Signs Company in Europe

As you may know well already, Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting (or called Advertising Grade) is the most cost-efficient reflective sheeting of up to 3 years of outdoor durability. We manufacture these glass bead reflective sheeting and retro-reflective film rolls or material for traffic signs of short term use, safety signs, reflective sheets or stickers, reflective chevrons panels, reflective collars/sleeves for traffic cone, and other similar uses.

Among all sign sheeting products, Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting is the lowest grade and one grade lower than engineering grade (such as, 3M engineer grade reflective sheeting film series). Therefore, it is the cheapest grade among all the glass beads of Reflective Sheeting whatsoever.

Being cheap does not mean quality does not measure up. Instead, we keep a keen quality control for all our products. Because we deeply understand it will be customers’ primary concerns all the time.

The Types of Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting Vinyl We Manufacture and Supply

We have three types of Advertisement Grade Reflective Sheeting as below. All of them are good for cutting plotters and perfect for their intended applications and different features. Below info is to give you some basic ideas on how they are used differently:
  • H3100: PET, unprintable, glossy surface, and the cheapest type advertising grade reflective tape and sheeting vinyl;
  • H3200: acrylic, screen, digital and HP latex printable,  matt surface,  more flexibility, and longer outdoor durability than H3100;
  • H3300: screen, upgraded digital, and HP latex printable. We exclusively use a specially formulated compound coating. As a result, it has superior overall performance: much better digital inkjet absorption, optimal printing performance, more durable and higher reflectivity, in comparison with those low-class PVC overlaid types from all the other suppliers in China;

A quick note: HP latex printers usually print faster than other digital printers on our H3200, according to our European client feedback.

Our Advertisement Grade Reflective Vinyl Film vs. Other Suppliers (Why Us)

Cheap Alternatives to 3M or Orafol Oralite
Our quality (H3200/H3300) is similar o 3M 610 series or Oralite commercial grade reflective vinyl 5200, as welcomed by our clients happy with our product performance.
Better Flexibility
H3200 flexibility has been carefully tailored to a level of excellent use, better than most other competition which are sometimes fragile or brittle.
Thicker Topcoat
E.G., others are as thin as 0.08mm to keep the lowest cost but sacrifice quality while our H3200 is 0.12mm. Being too thin will make reflective film not durable (last shorter), causing quality issues soon and harder to apply onto a substrate in applications.
More Durable Glue
We only use the best quality solvent-based self-adhesive pressure-sensitive glue for Max. outdoor life (many others use water-based).
The Highest Reflectivity in China
Our commercial grade reflective films all have the highest retro-reflection. At the same time, they are still supplied at very competitive low prices.
More Printing Options & Better Print Performance
H3200/H3300 is more excellent for screen, digital and HP latex printers compared to other suppliers and factories. And H3300 has much better structure than competitors, being deemed the best digital printable advertising grade reflective sheeting film in China.

Others Products You May be Interested

Finally, please click the above-listed advertisement grade reflective sheeting vinyl available in different colors. They will suit your specific needs in advertising, roadway safety signs, and many other applications. You can also check out our other higher grades such as below listed:

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