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  • Meet International Standards
  • Better Overall Performance at Cheap Prices
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Toptend reflective traffic safety products from china

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Best Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl - Hi Vis Iron On Tape

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Does the above picture look cool? Nowadays, reflective heat transfer vinyl film as shown in the above appliction (reflective HTV vinyl roll or iron on hi vis reflective tape) is widely used in the clothing industry and the top-ranking manufacturer brand is 3M Scotchlite.

But NOT each of them on the market has the same good quality as 3M. See the below quality case study for more details that you need to pay attention to in sourcing the right reflective iron-on vinyl material suppliers.

Get the best at Cheap Wholesale Factory Price. Toptend highly reflective iron on reflective tape is exceptional in brightness, flexibility, and strength. With the heat-activated adhesive released with your iron or heat press, it forms a strong bond with your fabrics throughout its expected lifespan.

Case Study: Reflective Iron on Hi Vis Heat Transfer Vinyl Film Material

Quality Issue Check on Other Reflective HTV Vinyl Suppliers

If such reflective material quality is good, it brings more beauty, and more importantly safety by its bright shining of the reflective design. As a result, it has growing applications in sports, construction, children’s costumes, consumer garments, occupational workwear, safety gear and accessories, shoes, among many others in the clothing industry.

However, be cautious that there are quite a lot of faulty products on the market (from other reflective htv roll suppliers) like the below pictures show. And it happens quickly even after normal wear and tear. Check out the iron-on letters in the picture below.

Faulty HTV Application
Silver reflective layer flaked off throughout after normal washing
Reflective Heat Press Vinyl Quality Issues
Silver reflective layer flaked off in many parts after normal washing
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Toptend Iron on Hi Vis Reflective Tape Focuses on 3 Important Factors | Why Us

China Top Manufacturer of High Visibility Iron on Vinyl Film as 3M Scotchlite Heat Transfer HTV Cheap Alternative

It is vitally important for you to work with a reliable best quality wholesaler because if such a reflective layer fails, the whole clothes look ugly.

As a premier manufacturer, supplier and exporter of retro reflective heat transfer film in China, Toptend has excellent long-term expertise in manufacturing one of the best quality reflective heat transfer vinyl tape products similar to 3M Scotchlite quality.

Toptend also manufactures many other high-quality reflective materials and traffic safety products. We actually have more than 15 Years of rich experience in this field. Therefore, we supply a series of top-quality iron-on reflective tape at competitive cheap wholesale prices!

You can check our clients’ feedback on our products and services with real applications.

In addition, our quality rivals 3M Scotchlite reflective heat transfer vinyl film (e.g. 3M 5807). Please check below for more details.

Check Out Advantages You or Your Clients Will be Happy With
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Maintained Long Term High Retroreflection

Maintain the high retro reflection up to the required industrial standards, not only before use but also in the process of wearing out. In other words, being highly visible/reflective in the daytime, and especially in low light and nighttime conditions throughout its working life.

Proper Suitable Elasticity/ Flexibility

Have the proper elasticity/flexibility that comforts to various fabric and clothing materials after heat press applied and lamination to garments such as safety vests, T-shirts or jackets. For example, cotton, polyester,  polyester blend fabrics and leather. We have iron-on reflective heat transfer film available in different elasticity to suit your needs. However, different substrates always should be tested prior to bulk production to ensure that they meet your specific needs.

Do not Flake Off Within the Specified Work Life

It is secure after applications and does not flake off in the specified period after wear and wash. This is important as you or your clients definitely need it in this way (and not waste money).

Excellent Overall Performance at Cheap Prices
Reliable in its overall performance (and at competitive prices).
Positive Feedbacks That Ramp Up Business
You or your clients will be happy with it too (boost your sales).
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Reflective Heat Transfer Film at Competitive Prices

  • Highly reflective and bright before use (a couple of reflectivity options, such as, 420+ cd/lx/㎡) and even after wearing out
  • Meets EN ISO 20471:2013 and EN 469 international standards
  • Good for plotter/electronic/CAD cutting of graphics, strips and letters
  • 25 or 50 cycles in water home wash
  • Available in different elasticity options, with polyester or polyurethane high-quality heat-activated adhesive
  • Available in printable options in silver color (similar to 3M 8711 Silver Graphic Ready Transfer Film for printing applications) or transparent clear reflective heat press vinyl for printing
  • Rainbow reflective heat transfer vinyl option is available (colorful style)
  • Colors are mostly available in grey, silver colors. Cheap alternatives or similar to 3M Scotchlite reflective HTV vinyl film roll custom cuttable 5807, 8712, 8725 and 9720.
  • Also, we supply other colorful multi colors, such as white, red, yellow, blue, green, black and fluorescent lime yellow (similar to 3M Scotchlite 8787), fluorescent red orange (similar to 3M Scotchlite 8786), etc.
  • Custom reflective heat press vinyl sticker or sheets available for your needs
  • Sizes available in varying roll log custom width best suited to your needs

Packing of Reflective Cargo

For bulk orders, we usually use pallets to protect the cargo to deliver to you safely.  

Packing on Pallets
Well Packed So Arrives at You Safely
Loading Into Container
We Export and Ship Worldwide
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Other Cost-efficient Reflective Material For Clothing

Please check out below. And contact us with your specific needs. Including substrate types, specific 3M Scotchlite product code (if need be, such as 3M 5807, 8711, 8712, 8925, 9720, 8786 or 8787), color, volume, size, etc.

So we can address your inquiry more effectively.

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