Prismatic Grade Reflective Sheeting HS1620 (Cheaper Price)

  • Cheaper Prismatic Reflective Sheeting HS1620 for Temporary Traffic Signages of 4-6 Years (Money Saving & Reliable)
  • Cheap Alternatives to 3M, Avery or Orafol Oralite Prismatic Reflective Sheeting and Vinyl Film (e.g. 3M HIP 3930, Avery T6500 or Orafol Oralite 5900/5910/5930 /5931/5960)
  • Higher Retro-reflection (e.g. white color as high as 600+ and even 700+ cd/lux at 0.2/-4 degree)
  • Proven Better Performance Than Other China Suppliers
  • One of Our Best Sellers for Cost-Efficient Sign Sheeting
  • 15+ Years Supplying Worldwide & Welcomed by Clients with More Sales
Toptend reflective traffic safety products from china

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Cheap Prismatic Reflective Sheeting - 3M, Avery Dennison or Orafol Oralite Prismatic Vinyl Film Cheap Alternatives

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If you need a cheaper prismatic reflective sheeting vinyl for temporary traffic signs (say, 4-6 years outdoor durability) that has consistently reliable quality, please check below.

Toptend is a reliable top retro-reflective sheeting for traffic safety signages and conspicuity tape manufacturer and supplier in China with 15+ Years of experience. Our supplies are similar to 3M, Avery Dennison, or Orafol Oralite quality (e.g. HS1620 is cheap alternatives to 3M 3930 high intensity prismatic HIP reflective vinyl film, Avery T6500, or Orafol Oralite 5900, 5910, 5930, 5931 or 5960).

Our Reflective Sign Sheeting HS1620 is specially designed and manufactured to meet your requirements of reliable quality at affordable costs! And you will get them at cheap factory prices that work to compete well in your market!

More importantly, you will avoid quality problems that occur from other reflective vinyl film suppliers (see below real cases).

Advantages of Cheap Prismatic Grade Reflective Sheeting Film HS1620 vs. Other China Suppliers | Why Us

Our Product Advantages & Features Aimed to Increase Your Sales

Case Study: Quality Issues That You Should Pay Attention in Sourcing

Case Study: The Quality Issues That May Happen to Other Reflective Vinyl Suppliers

Before checking this product’s comparative advantages, see below real cases that you may neglect.

There are quite a bunch of retroreflective vinyl film on the market that has undesirable performance, causing quality issues and customer complaints, e.g. the reflective film does not last the expected lifespan outdoor.

Therefore, in finding your glass bead or prismatic reflective vinyl suppliers, you should be wary of these inferior ones shown below.

Airport Traffic Signs with Quality Issues
Made by Other Suppliers
Highway Sign Quality Problem
Made by Other Suppliers
City Road Sign Quality Problem
Made by Other Suppliers
Street Road Sign Quality Issues
Made by Other Suppliers

Some of the other suppliers’ quality does not measure up to the industrial standard or quality is not steady, which may cause serious quality issues. Here are some real examples for you to check out.

More Advantages You or Your Clients Are Happy With
Buy Reflective Sheeting Cheaper Reliable 

The Qualities We Supply (Similar to 3M HIP 3930, Avery T-6500 Sign Sheeting)

First of all, 3M 3930, Avery T6500 or Orafol Oralite 5900, 5910, 5930, 5931, or 5960 prismatic reflective sheeting are among the best HIP reflective film options to choose without doubts.

To save a lot of costs, as required by our clients, we have below major micro prismatic reflective sign sheeting series to replace above brands:

  • HS1690 series (up to 10 years outdoor durability): for high-end markets, it meets the highest industry standards close to 3M 4090/4000 (still at good prices);
  • H1630 series (up to 7-8 years or 10 years outdoor durablity): cheaper than HS1690 and mainly for middle markets with good quality as cheap alternative to 3M 3930;
  • HS1620 series (4-6 years outdoor durability): cheaper than H1630, mostly for the middle market at cheaper prices while keeping the reliable quality;
  • H1610 series (1-3 years outdoor durability): targeting low markets for price-sensitive clients.

Among them, HS1690, H1630 and HS1620 micro prismatic reflective film series are designed and manufactured to be close or similar in quality to big brands as 3M/Avery Dennison/ Orafol Oralite alternatives and supplied at cheap wholesale prices. So you can well compete with these famous brands, get added market shares and save real money.

Below is one of the test certificates our clients did in their national authoritative lab as per ASTM D4956.

Toptend Diamond Grade Fluoro Yellow Green (Lime Yellow) Reflective Sheeting Test

Our Prismatic Reflective Vinyl Advantages vs. Other China Suppliers

You can find the common quality issues including those illustrated above as found from other reflective vinyl suppliers are mostly categorized as:

  • Color Fading
  • Bad Adhesives and Peel Off
  • Delamination
  • Short Durability

Another major factor to note is reflectivity. For example, check out below reflection tests for white color at 0.2/-4 degree:

  • Our best prismatic reflective film option is as high as 900+ cd/lux, the same level as 3M diamond grade sheeting that means the highest retro-reflection in the world;
  • And our cheaper option HS1620 is as high as 600+ or even 700+ cd/lux (reaches the highest retroreflective level taking into account all the traffic safety reflective sign vinyl film suppliers in China).
3M Reflective Sheets Reflectivity test
Reaches 900+ to 1000+ cd/lux at 0.2/-4 degree
Toptend Best Reflective Sheeting Series Test Result (Highest Option)
Reaches 900+ cd/lux (same level as 3M)
Toptend HS1620 (Cheaper Prismatic Option)
Reaches as high as 600+ and 700+ cd/lux (the highest level in China)

To summarize, you will get from us the cheaper prismatic reflective vinyl film options for temporary traffic signages that save money: a comparable substitute for the top ranking 3M, Orafol Oralite, or Dennison Avery micro prismatic reflective sheeting (such as 3M HIP 3930) at low factory prices.

We make sure they are made of reliable quality that will last for the specified lifespan.

Surely please feel free to contact us with your specific requirements and budgets for our solution that is aimed to help you boost your sales FAST.

Now, please check out the detailed comparison chart below between ours and some competitions (that you may not know).

Comparison Some Suppliers’ Products Our Products
Raw Materials and Durability
A number of other suppliers' inside and face materials do not conform to the industrial standards and may not stand the long term rugged outdoor UV and weathering. Furthermore, the unreliable construction and production technology leaves the reflective tape rolls prone to quality issues such as color fading, falling apart, delamination or shrinking. It means the signages and so forth will have shortened durability and lifespan.
Toptend always utilizes trusted and reliable quality raw materials at higher costs, and keep upgrading the manufacturing process and technology to make sure the rugged outdoor durablity. Our reflective tapes avoided these issues with longer expected performance and you are free from these hassles.


In a low to average range (e.g. 100 - 250 cd/lux at 0.2/-4 degree)
Toptend has higher retro-reflection which belongs to the highest level in China (as high as 600 -700+ cd/lux and even 900+ cd/lux for white color for the highest prismatic reflective vinyl option)

Backing Adhesive and Internal Construction

Common glue and instable internal contruction. These are among the main reasons for such quality issues as lifting up or peeling off in short period as mentioned by some customers.
Solvent-based strong inner and backing adhesive with upgraded manufacturing process. Our tape does not have these mentioned problems and last longer in harsh outdoor conditions.
Printing Ink and Durability
Low cost ink, which leads to the printed color fade fast. Furthermore its transparency is not as expected that will decrease the total reflectivity.
We use imported big brand top quality printing ink. Therefore printed parts do not fade easily which also possesses excellent pringing transparency (such as, red printed color retroreflection is still as high as possible).
Quality Control
Quality control is not strict.
We contribute to upgrade technology and keeping strict quality control as needed.

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Toptend has more than 15 Years of professional experience as one of the best reflective vinyl film manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in China. 

We also manufacture various grades and types of reflective tape, reflective materials for clothing (e.g. reflective sew on fabric, reflective heat transfer film HTV, fire retardant tape), luminous tape (photoluminescent glow in the dark vinyl), and many other traffic safety products.

And you can refer to our client testimonials and their traffic safety applications to find out the feedbacks of our customers together with their real traffic safety application examples.

Many products we produce are welcomed by our clients worldwide as cost-efficient alternatives to 3M, Avery Dennison or Orafol Oralite.

Like what our clients did, we will try best to assist you to grow your business and save costs (FAST) with the supports you can rely on. 

There is no hassle because you will get away from those quality problems as showned above too.

See below what our clients say about us as below (Clients from Europe and so on).

Testimonials From Customers


Micro Prismatic Reflective Sheeting HS1620 at Cheaper Price

  • HS1620 is the cheaper option to best meet your budgets for temporary traffic safety signs
  • Micro prismatic construction
  • Up to 4-6 years of outdoor durability
  • Pressure-sensitive self-adhesive  (Imported solvent-based glue for longer durability)
  • With backing paper or clear liner
  • Weather-resistant and waterproof. Excellent long term reflectivity with rugged reliability
  • Imported famous brand transparent ink for the best printing performance (higher reflectivity for printed area and last longer)
  • Cost-efficient and much cheaper than other international brands such as 3M HIP 3930, Oralite 5900, 5910, 5930, 5931 or 5960, or Avery Dennison T6500 reflective sign sheeting

Suggested Applications:

Short term or temporary reflective road signs, street signs, traffic warning or similar signs or reflective stickers.


log size 1.22m x 45.7m for sign fabrications.


white, red, yellow, blue, green, orange, fluorescent yellow green

Packing of Reflective Rolls

For bulk shipment, we usually use pallets to protect the cargo so you get them safely.  

Packing on Pallets
Well packed so you get cargo safely
Loading Into Container
We export and ship worldwide

Other Cost-efficient Reflective And Traffic Safety Products We Manufacture

To save real money, use our cost efficient supplies HS1620 series as Cheap alternatives to 3M HIP 3930, Avery T6500 or Orafol Oralite 5900, 5910, 5930, 5931 or 5960 reflective vinyl sheeting for various short term and temporary road signs.

Alternatively, please contact us or check out below reflective vinyl film for traffic safety signages needs. 

We will always make sure you are happy with our reliable quality at low wholesale factory prices!

No need to pay more. Start saving money and trouble now.

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