Sew On Reflective Fabric Tape for Clothing

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  • Cheap Alternatives to 3M Scotchlite 8906, 8910, 8912, 8925 sew on silver retro reflective fabric tape for clothing and home wash, as well as 3M Scotchlite 9910 and 9925 silver reflective fabric for industrial wash
  • Meet International Standards
  • Better Overall Performance at Cheap Factory Prices
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Retro Reflective Fabric for Clothing - Sew-on Hi Vis Reflective Tape Material

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In the clothing industry such as safety vest gear, workwear garments, athletic clothing, or casual wear, Sew on Hi Vis Retro Reflective Fabric Tape For Clothing has an important role in providing best visibility at low light and night conditions. 

Importantly, on one hand, when you select a supplier of high visibility sewing reflective fabric roll or reflective stripes/strips material (silver or grey color) for clothing applications, you need to avoid the below quality problems as shown in the below picture.

On another hand, many of Toptend reflective products rival and replace 3M Scotchlite sew-on reflective fabric tape material for clothing (grey or silver color)  e.g.  3M Scotchlite 8906, 8910, 8912, 8925, 9910 cheap alternatives. Also we manufacture and supply cheap alternatives to 3M firefighter reflective tape. They are welcomed by many of our clients worldwide.

Please see below for more details that may help you grow your sales and save more costs.

Case Study: Hi Vis Sew on Reflective Tape for Clothing

Quality Issue From Other Retro Reflective Fabric Strip Tape Roll Suppliers

Before checking features of our high visibility reflective fabric material, a quick case study that you should pay attention to. Because there are quite a lot of unstable quality products on the market (from other hi-vis reflective fabric roll for clothing suppliers) like the below pictures show.

And they can not stand the normal wear and tear over time. Such happenings are not rare on the market (its quality does not measure up as it should be).

Check out issues of the sew-on reflective tapes and iron-on reflective heat transfer letters in the pictures below.

Sew on Reflective Material Application Problem
Glass Bead Comes Off After A Couple of Washes
Faulty HTV Application
Silver reflective layer flaked off throughout after normal washing
Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl Quality Issues
Silver reflective layer flaked off in many parts after normal washing
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Because the glass bead is the primary element that make the fabric reflective, it will wear off over a short time in the application. Such as some washes or the daily wear and tear which the product must stand as required.

Apparently, if the high visibility reflective material quality is cruddy or not up to code, it will not remain reflective even after some limited wash cycles or normal uses.

So, when considering purchasing reflective fabric roll, rainbow, or related reflective materials, it is essential to find the right manufacturer.

The reliable supplier must take quality seriously while caring for its clients with excellent after-sales supports. 

Toptend Best Hi Vis Reflective Tape Material For Clothing Focuses on 3 Important Factors | Why Us

China Top Reliable Manufacturer of Sew on Reflective Fabric Tape as 3M Scotchlite 8906, 8910, 8912, 8925, 9910 Cheap Alternatives, Grey or Silver Color

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Maintained Long Term High Refectivity

Maintain the high retro reflection up to the required industrial standards, not only before use but also in the process of wearing out. In other words, being highly visible/reflective in the daytime, and especially in low light and nighttime conditions throughout its working life.

Do not Flake Off Within the Specified Work Life

The glass bead/reflective parts should not come off in the specified washing cycles. This is important as you or your clients definitely need its quality stable (and not waste money).

Meet International Standards & A Wide Range Hi-vis Fabric Tape Material to Choose

We mainly manufacture two types (T/C or polyester) and in different colors. For example, grey, silver reflective fabric tape material, and many other colors. Such as white, red, blue, fluorescent colors (fluoro lime yellow, fluoro red-orange), etc.

Among them, silver hi-vis retro-reflective safety tape for clothing by the yard is more popular nowadays. They meet international standards respectively. For example, EN20471, EN469, SGS, etc (see below for more details in this regard)

Excellent Overall Performance at Cheap Prices
Reliable in its overall performance (and at cheap wholesale factory prices).
Positive Feedbacks That Ramp Up Business
You or your clients will be happy with it too (boost your sales).
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3M Scotchlite Reflective Tape Material For Clothing Alternatives at Cheap Wholesale Price

At much cheaper wholesale factory prices, we aim our reflective material fabric or strips in the similar quality to 3M sew on reflective fabric tape, which is the best quality in the worldwide market.

For example, we manufacture alternatives as below:

  • 3M Scotchlite 8906, 8910, 8912 and 8925 silver reflective fabric tape for home wash
  • 3M Scotchlite 9910 and 9925 silver reflective fabric tape material for industrial wash
  • And 3M Scotchlite 8932, 8935, 8940, 8986 and 8987 reflective fire retardant tape for firefighter uniform and so on

You can check the below chart to find the 3M reflective tape you need and we will try to supply you with corresponding alternatives or similar products at much lower costs.

3M Scotchlite Reflective Material Fabric, FR reflective tape tech data

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Major International Standards for Sew on Reflective Tape

The Importance of Meeting Reflective Fabric Industrial Standards

To achieve the highest industrial standards, we ensure that:

All of the retro-reflective performance requirements must be met both prior to and after test exposure as shown below.

The pre-treatment tests includes: abrasion, flexing, folding at cold temperatures, temperature variation, rainfall, washing from 5 to 50 cycles. In addition, the washing cycle is according to EN ISO 6330, method 2A, which ensures its high and long durability features.

Reflective Fabric Standards Met
Reflectivity Tests
Pre-treatment Tests
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Toptend High Visibility Retro Reflective Tape (Sewing or Self Adhesive) at Competitive Prices

  • Available in T/C (65% polyester/ 35% cotton) or 100% Polyester fabric backing
  • Also available in self-adhesive reflective materials
  • Meets EN ISO 20471:2013 (Class 1 & Class 2, e.g. 420+ cd/lux reflectivity), EN 469 or ANSI international standards
  • Available in the different home wash (25, 50, or 100 cycles), dry clean (10-50 cycles) and industrial wash cycles (25 or 50 cycles)
  • Good anti UV property
  • With proper stretch property and works great with more clothing/fabric types to apply
  • Colors are available in grey, silver reflective fabric tape material, and other colorful colors. Such as white, blue, red, orange, fluorescent colors (fluorescent lime yellow, fluoro red-orange), etc.
  • Sizes available in log rolls or any other width, such as 1 inch/2.5cm, 2 inch/5cm, etc.
  • Excellent for various traffic safety garments, fashion, apparel & workwear for personal safety (e.g. safety vests, shirts, jackets, etc).

Packing of Reflective Materials

For bulk orders, we usually use pallets to protect the cargo to deliver to you safely.  

Packing on Pallets
Well Packed So Arrives at You Safely
Loading Into Container
We Export and Ship Worldwide
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Other Cost-efficient Related Reflective Materials

Please contact us and include retro-reflection (EN 20471 class 1 or class 2),  specific product code of 3M hi-vis sew-on reflective tape or firefighter reflective tape (if need be), volume, size, etc. So we can address your inquiry more effectively.

We believe you can boost your sales of high visibility reflective fabric and increase profits by working with us, rest assured, like what other clients did with us.

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