Diamond Grade DOT-C2 Reflective Conspicuity Tape HT1690 (DOT or Regular Single Colors)

  • Cost-Efficient DOT-C2 Reflective Tape (Both DOT or Regular Single Color Diamond Conspicuity Tape Available)
  • Cheap Alternatives to 3M, Avery Dennison or Orafol Oralite Diamond Grade Reflective Tape (e.g. 3M 983, DOT C2 or Single Colors)
  • Better Reliable Performance & Longer Durability Than Other China Suppliers
  • Mainly for High-End Markets with Strict Outdoor Durability (Up to 10 Years) and Retro Reflection Requirements.
  • Other Different Cheaper Options Available for the Low or Middle-end Market (e.g. Super Cheap Price with Acceptable Performance). Check H1610, H1615, and HT1620 at Further Lower Costs.
  • 15+ Years Export Worldwide with Positive Client Feedback and More Sales
Toptend reflective traffic safety products from china

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DOT C2 Reflective Conspicuity Tape - Best Diamond Grade Vehicle Marking Red/White & Single Color, 3M 983 Cheap Alternative

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If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer and supplier of consistent high quality retro-reflective tape for vehicle marking (with or without DOT) and avoid faulty ones that do not measure up, you got the right place. As you may already know, one of the most popular and best reflective conspicuity tapes on the market is DOT reflective tape (similar to 3M Scotchlite diamond grade 983/DOT-C2). Furthermore, red/white or red & silver prismatic diamond grade highly reflective conspicuity tape or strips is among the most demanded.

It is one of the important and best vehicle marking reflective tape conspicuity products Toptend focuses on manufacturing and exporting worldwide for 15+ Years. And our aim is to make its quality as close as possible to 3M 983, including 3M 983-10, 983-32, 983-326, 983-72 and 983-23.

Because we have developed and launched a couple of different options to best suit your market (low to middle or high end). You will get them (with or without DOT) at cheap factory prices that work to compete well at your market!

More importantly, you will avoid quality problems that occur from other reflective tape suppliers (see below real cases).

Advantages of Our Diamond Grade DOT Reflective Tape vs. Other China Suppliers | Why Us

Our Product Advantages & Features Aimed to Increase Your Sales

Case Study: Quality Issues That You Should Pay Attention in Sourcing

Case Study: The Problems That May Happen to Other Conspicuity Tape Suppliers

Prior to checking out our comparative advantages, please note below facts that you may neglect.

There are some of them on the market that deliver poor performance, causing quality problems and customer losses, or simply knockoffs that do not last long.

For example, as you may know, fluorescent colors reflector reflective tape (e.g. fluorecent yellow green / lime yellow) fade a lot more easily and sooner than other normal colors. We find that many deliver a bad performance, causing quality problems soon or simply knockoffs that do not last long at all.

So, in finding reflective tape suppliers, you should be wary of buying inferior tapes shown in the below picture (from other suppliers).

Note below quality issues that happened to other suppliers (e.g. color fading, peel off, cracks, delaminating).

Color Fading (Before/After Colors to Compare)
Fluoro Yellow Green/Lime Yellow Color Fading
Cracks on Reflective Tape
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What Quality Do We Supply (Comparable to 3M Scotchlite 983 Diamond Grade DOT Reflective Conspicuity Tape for Vehicle Marking)

First of all, 3M diamond grade conspicuity tape is by far the best on the market.

 And as required by our clients:

  • For high end markets, we aim to make our quality to be close or similar to big brands such as 3M, but at cheap wholesale prices that you can better compete at your local market.
  • And for middle to low markets, we have developed more suitable options at further lower prices while keeping the reliable quality.

Then, some of the popular reflective tapes we manufacture and export worldwide include:

  • Diamond grade fluoro yellow green reflective tape (class 1) close to 3M 983-23 FYG
  • DOT red and white alternating reflective strips or red & silver conspicuity marking tape as alternatives to 3M Scotchlite 983-32 or 983-326
  • And DOT singe color similar to 3M 983-10 or 983-72
  • Also cheap editions for above and many others

Below is one of the test certificates our clients did in their national authoritative lab as per ASTM D4956.

Toptend Class 1 Fluoro Yellow Green (Lime Yellow) Reflective Tape Test

Our Diamond Grade Reflective Tape Advantages vs. Other Suppliers

You can find the common quality issues illustrated above as found from other suppliers are mostly categorized as:

  • Color Fading
  • Short durability

Another major factor to note is reflectivity. For example, check out below reflection tests for white color: our highest option, and our cheap option in comparison to 3M conspicuity tape.

3M Reflective Tape Reflectivity test
Reaches 900+ to 1000+ cd/lux at 0.2/-4 degree
Our Reflective Tape Test Result (Highest Option)
Reaches 900+ cd/lux (same level as 3M)
Our DOT-C2 Reflective Tape H1620 Test Result (Cheaper Option)
Reaches as high as 700+ cd/lux (the highest level in China)

In summary, Some of the options we supply could be a comparable substitute for 3M, Orafol Oralite, or Avery Dennison reflective tape (e.g. class 1 or diamond grade) at affordable prices.

Or there are other options at super competitive prices.

Both of them are of reliable quality.

Therefore, you can contact us with your specific needs and budgets for our fast solution that works best for you.

Now, please check out the comparison chart below between other China suppliers and us (that you may not know).

Comparison Other Suppliers’ Products Our Products
Raw Materials and Durability
Topcoats and inner materials are the low class and flimsy ones that do not resist long term outdoor weathering. And mostly made from cheaper raw materials or with unsteady construction which is prone to problems such as color fading, shrinking or delamination, resulting in shorter durability.
We use imported higher quality raw materials at higher costs, and upgraded technology to endure the rugged reliability. So to overcome these issues with longer durability and better overall performance.


On a low to average level
We have higher reflectivity options available which are among the highest in China. Some are even same level as 3M.

Backing Adhesive and Internal Construction

Mediocre or average water-based glue and unsteady internal contruction. They are one of major reasons which may lead to problems such as, lift up or peel off in short time
Stronger solvent-based imported adhesive as well as improved inner construction. Not easily lifting up or peeling off and last much longer in harsh weather conditions.
Printing Ink and Durability
Common or domestic made ink, lasting shorter time and blocking the due reflectivity.
Imported famous brand high quality ink, much longer outdoor durability and higher ink transparency.
Quality Control
Prone to quality problems like those in above case study
We keep on improving technology and maintain quality consistent.

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3M 983 cheap alternative new DOT conspicuity reflective tape dot-c2 for vehicle marking ece104, China best manufacturer supplier wholesale

Toptend has more than 15 Years of rich experience as one of the best DOT-C2 conspicuity reflective tape manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in China. 

We also manufacture various grades and types of reflective sheeting vinyl, reflective materials for clothing, luminous tape (photoluminescent glow in the dark film), and many other traffic safety products (such as chevron or barricade reflective tape).

And you can refer to our client testimonials to find out how we have been making our customers happy with consistent quality and timely good services all the time.

Many products we produced are welcomed by our clients worldwide as cost-efficient alternatives to 3M, Avery Dennison or Oralite.

Therefore, similarly, you will be in a position to sell more and save costs with our reliable conspicuity tape that you can trust. And we always supply them at competitive wholesale factory prices so that you can better compete in your market.

There is no worry because you will Not have quality problems as shown above too.

See below what our client Philip says.

Philip & His Colleague – CEO of Australian Traffic Safety Company at His Office & Factory in Australia

 As a re-sales Australian company, we have been buying Class 1 & Class 2 reflective tapes from Toptend for the past 15+ Years. We have been serving many interstate clients for many years due to the high quality of Toptend products. We will continue to sell Toptend products because of it guaranteed quality and at prices our clients are happy with. 

australia client of class 1 and 2 reflective tape testimonials


Diamond Grade Reflective Tape HT1690 (Cheap Alternatives to 3M 983 DOT-C2 Vehicle Conspicuity Marking ) | Cheap

  • Both DOT or without DOT available
  • Pressure-sensitive self-adhesive (Imported solvent-based for much higher durability)
  • With backing paper or clear film
  • Micro prismatic construction
  • Meets DOT, ASTM 4956 type V or other industrial specific standards for optimal retro-reflection day or night
  • Different options at varying quality and costs to best suit your needs (the best option among them is up to 10 years outdoor durability)
  • With excellent long term reflectivity with rugged reliability
  • Imported famous brand transparent ink for the best performance (higher reflectivity for printed area and last longer)
  • Being more flexible that is good to use for curved areas
  • Cost-efficient and cheaper than other international brands such as 3M 983 or Avery Dennison DOT C2 reflective conspicuity tape (DOT-C3 available)


Suggested Applications:

Vehicle marking reflective tape and strips at rear or sides for automobiles as regulations require, such as fire or commercial trucks and tractor trailers, rail cars, emergency vehicles, school buses, motorcycle strip reflective stickers, reflective bumper tape, and any other automotive road safety, caution warning or high visibility conspicuity marking purposes.


11 inch red / 7 inch white or silver or 6 inch red / 6 inch white or silver alternating colors in following reflective conspicuity tape roll sizes

    • 5cm x 45.72m
    • 2.5cm x 45.72m
    • 2 inch x  50 yard
    • 1 inch x  50 yard
    • Other roll sizes are available upon request


Red and white alternating dot-c2 reflective conspicuity tape and strips, and single colors such as white, red, yellow, blue, green, orange or fluorescent yellow green / lime yellow / lime green

Packing of Reflective Rolls

For bulk orders by sea shipping, we usually use pallets to protect the rolls so that you get the cargo safely.  

Packing on Pallets
Well packed so you get cargo safely
Loading Into Container
We export and ship worldwide
Small Box For Each Roll
Well Presented & Good Protection

Other Cost-efficient Reflective And Traffic Safety Products We Manufacture

We will try our best to make sure you are happy with our assured quality up to code (alternative to 3M 983 conspicuity tape, including 3M 983-10, 983-32, 983-326, 983-72 and 983-23) at competitively cheap wholesale prices!

Alternatively, check below for other cost efficient reflective tape and sheeting options.

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