Top Retro Reflective Tape & Sheeting Vinyl (3M, Avery, Oralite Cheap Alternatives)

Founded in 2008, Toptend has grown into one of the largest reflective sheeting vinyl and retro reflective conspicuity tape factory manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in China as 3M, Avery Dennison, or Oralite cheap alternatives, among many other traffic safety products.

(Even Orafol is our client who buys from us). 

Besides a major retro reflective vinyl tape factory and supplier, we manufacture many reflective and traffic safety products that our clients have successfully replaced Oralite, Avery or 3M reflective tape, vinyl or radium tape roll at their local markets at cheap prices. And as a result, many of our clients have increased their sales while saving money at the same time. 

For Example

  • As a top manufacturer of reflective tape for vehicles in China, our vehicle marking tape products are excellent alternatives to 3M, Avery Dennison or oralite high-quality retro-reflective tape, or radium conspicuity tape roll at a cheap price (such as 3M 983)
  • And as a professional China reflective vinyl manufacturer, our product quality are comparable to these famous brands. Check out the retroreflective sheeting details for our product comparison with these brands.
  • Also, we produce various hi viz reflective materials for clothing (e.g. safety vests, jackets, fire coats). They are in the same or similar quality to 3M Scotchlite 8906, 8910, 8912 and 8925 silver reflective fabric for home wash as well as 9910 and 9925 silver reflective fabric for the industrial wash.
  • Furthermore, we manufacture high quality flame retardant reflective tape for clothing that is alternatives to 3M 8932, 8935, 8940, 8986, and 8987. And we produce and supply iron-on reflective heat transfer vinyl in many options that are comparable to 3M 5807, 8711, 8712, 8725,8786, 8787, and 9720.
  • And also luminescent film (Photoluminescent Vinyl & Tape) which we sell and export to Orafol, and other various high-quality traffic safety products such as floor marking tape, velcro tape/hook and loop and anti slip tape.

  (All above are supplied at very competitive and affordable wholesale discount prices).

Some of Best Selling Retro Reflective Tape (2023 Update)

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Being an important part of the product line at our factory, reflective vehicle marking tape, or retro reflective radium tape rolls includes glass bead and micro prismatic types similar to 3M, Avery Dennison, Orafol Oralite conspicuity tape, used as hi-vis conspicuity stickers or sheets in low visibility and at night for cars, trucks, bikes or motorcycles, and many more.

Please check out different types of self-adhesive highly and best reflective tapes for vehicle marking for details. They include high intensity, solas, prismatic diamond grade DOT-C2, or ECE 104 conspicuity tape.

(You can contact us with your specific big brand product code so we can reply with our right solution to save your costs)

As a leading and one of the largest retro reflective tape manufacturers, suppliers and factories in China, we follow the highest international quality standards and aim for such famous brands as 3M conspicuity retro reflective tape, vinyl or radium tape as benchmarks and alternatives.

Why Us

Specifically, we contribute ourselves to the elements show herein to become a reliable and professional partner to you. 

And we aim to help you strengthen your competitive advantages and grow your market shares and sales. 

We want you to see the difference and welcome professional reflective vinyl tape distributors to work with us together from all over the world.

First of all, through our years of sustained efforts in technology research, many of our products are of the same or similar quality to reflective tape suppliers and manufacturers such as Orafol or Avery

We have achieved international quality certificates such as ASTM D4956, EN12899, SGS, EN20471, EN469, DOT-C2, etc. Some of the certificates are shown at the bottom of the page.

Every roll is warranted for Quality. Most of our products are superior to other counterparts in China in quality or total performance. You can find the product comparison details on the individual product page. Therefore, by working with us, you are able to have more competitive edges and unique selling points over your competitors.

During these business development years, our clients from over 40+ countries have seen a consistently good quality at cheap competitive prices. Because they are of critical importance in the traffic safety industry. We deeply understand what they need as vital competitive advantages.

We are able to help clients lower their costs and meet their budgets with the quality they can trust.

We understand what good and reliable services mean to clients. Therefore, we respond to clients within 24 hours, 365 days all year round.     

We have done so for many clients such as in Europe, South America, and Asia for years. We possess the right capability to make you confident in us all the time.

Besides the above, our other traffic safety products include floor marking tape, caution reflective barricade tape, anti-slip tape, etc. Similarly, we have been exporting them to many different countries for years with good feedback.

We understand reflective vehicle markings for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles (even reflective sheets or stickers used for bicycle safety) are so popular and very hot in competition these days. Therefore, we will guarantee only reliable high quality at very competitive roll prices are to be supplied.

We Follow International Quality Specifications

To pursuit the highest quality in the traffic safety industry is our aim and some of the quality certificates as we obtained are shown as below:


As a re-sales Australian company, we have been buying Class 1 & Class 2 reflective tapes from Toptend for the past 15 Years. We have been serving many interstate clients for many years due to the high quality of Toptend products. We will continue to sell Toptend products because of it guaranteed quality and at prices our clients are happy with.
Australia class 1 class 2 reflective tape client
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CEO of Australian Traffic Safety Company
Philip's office & facility in Australia
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