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Case Studay: Brazil Client Meeting

Micro Prismatic & HIP Retro Reflective Sheeting - 3M 3930 Avery T6500 Cheap Alternative

High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting H1630

  • Cheap Alternatives to 3M HIP 3930, Avery T 6500 or Oralite 5900/5910/5930 /5931/5960
  • Improved Formula & Longer Durability
  • Higher Retro-reflection (Among the Highest in China)
  • Better Overall Performance
  • Multi Options at Cheap Prices to Meet Your Budgets
  • Positive Client Feedback with More Sales

About Toptend

Toptend has been recognized as a reliable and leading 15+ Years of manufacturer and supplier of the best cheap HIP High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting and other various grades and types of retro reflective vinyl film in China.  The product range includes both glass bead and micro prismatic retro reflective sheeting in multi-options, among many other traffic safety products (e.g. DOT-C2 reflective tape, stickers, etc).

Our products have replaced 3M Reflective Sheeting in many countries (e.g. cost-efficient alternatives to 3M engineer grade 3200, 3M micro prismatic reflective vinyl HIP 3930, DG3 4000, 3M 983). The same also applies to reflective material for clothing, which is comparable to Scotchlite quality and much cheaper (e.g. sew on reflective fabric, FR reflective tape, etc)!

Even famous brands become our clients (such as Orafol buys from us).

The Client Meeting Case Study

In 2015, our VIP clients from Brazil and other countries from South America visited us in China. They have been purchasing retro-reflective sign sheeting materials of various grades from us for as long as 7+ years.

(Please see the meeting pictures below).

We carry out OEM branding for them (backing paper and cartons). This approach is to build up their professional presence in the local market with a reliable and consistent quality image. This image has been well built up and helped them bulk up in their road signage-making business.

All of us have become good friends. Please see below pictures of our meeting at different times in summer and winter. They have been a wonderful time having dinner and talking together.

china manufacturer supplier with brazil EG and high intensity prismatic reflective sheeting HIP vinyl film clients

The Reflective Sheeting for signs they import from us includes a couple of types. Such as self-adhesive glass bead type acrylic Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting and Engineer Grade Reflective Vinyl.

And the above commercial grade includes two types: the standard screen and HP Latex printable Commercial Grade Reflective Vinyl H3200 and also the upgraded HP Latex Digital Printing Reflective Sheeting Vinyl H3300.

Also, the best cheap micro prismatic retro reflective sheeting, among others.

brazil reflective sign vinyl client meeting in China

(You can see the product comparison between our HIP and 3M prismatic reflective vinyl at the product page High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting) .

And all of them are good for screen and digital printable, e.g. eco-solvent print.

Their order volume is usually 20ft or 40ft containers of different types of reflective sign sheeting and reflective materials and a couple of times each year.

They are very happy with our reliable quality and timely good services. Because our products have replaced 3M in Brazil for them (e.g. cheap alternatives to 3M 3200, EGP 3430, HIP 3930 or Avery T 6500 or Oralite 5900/5910/5930 /5931/5960 reflective sheeting, etc). And they saved a great deal while making a bundle at Brazilian local markets of traffic sign board, commercial and advertising signages and other applications (e.g. mailbox letters, numbers).

(The same applies to Oralite / orafol as our products replaced them with our other clients in Europe.)

Surely it is of vital importance to have comparative advantages in the markets full of fierce competition. We always make great efforts in helping our customers in this regard.

More importantly, we say so and we do so as well.

Specifications We Follow As a Top HIP and Micro Primastic Retro Reflective Sheeting Vinyl Manufacturer in China

Specifically, our engineer grade and HIP reflective sheeting have passed the stringent regulations as required by Brazilian authority MAUA. It is deemed as the highest standards in the industry!

For every shipment, we will test in the production process as per the required specifications which is actually the same as ASTM D4956 Type 1, and Type 4. In this regard, we always make sure our retro-reflective film or sheets manufacturing is in the same or similar quality to 3M Scotchlite or Avery Dennison.

On the other hand, we do hope to work with them in this business of reflective sign sheeting for the long run.

High performance with expected product warranty at competitive cheap wholesale factory prices is always ensured.

We will always make our clients happy and you can check out our customers’ views on us.

Importantly many clients have worked with us for more than 15 Years and also we got famous brands clients such as Orafol who buy from us!

And we will continue with our great efforts all the time by manufacturing and supplying high quality reflective products to comply with international standards such as En12899 or ASTM D4956.

Furthermore, we will do our best to be your reliable partner in China (e.g. high intensity prismatic HIP or diamond grade reflective at cheap rates). 

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