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Through 15+ Years of consistent efforts, Toptend has grown into one of the largest and leading brand manufacturers, suppliers & factories of retro reflective film vinyl, reflective tape, reflective fabric, retroreflective sheets, reflective material for clothing, luminous tape & film in China, among other traffic safety products.

The other products in this field we supply include floor marking tape, velcro tape, anti slip tape, warning tape, etc, at competitive prices.

Many of our products are of the same or similar quality to big brands, like 3M Scotchlite, Avery Dennison or Orafol Oralite Reflective, both glass bead and micro prismatic types (as cheap alternatives).

And even Orafol is our client buying from us.

One of The Best China Retro Reflective Film Manufacturers Suppliers Toptend: History

Toptend History
Toptend was founded

Year of Establishment and Prepare Operation

Toptend History
Production Started

Our factory was built up and we started the production of reflective sheeting, vinyl, tape, and various reflective materials, luminescent film as well as other traffic safety products.

Toptend History
Toptend continues expanding production machine

More traffic safety machinery was installed and started operation with imported machinery from Germany, USA, began replacing and supplementing the old machinery.

Toptend History
Business expanded to more Countries

During the past business development years, our clients have accumulated to over 40 countries and sales volume continued to boom.

Toptend History
Become one of the largest manufacturer in China

We have grown into one of the largest and leading manufacturers and suppliers of reflective film, reflective sheeting vinyl, reflective conspicuity tape, luminescent tape, reflective fabric material for clothing, among many other traffic safety products in China.

Toptend History
Continue to grow and supply better quality

The business continued to grow through our relentless efforts into quality upgrading and professional services. We added more to the product line and continue to improve our product and service quality.

Toptend History
Overcome the Covid-19 and launch new products

We work closely with our clients worldwide under the covid-19 conditions and launched new reflective products to the competitive market!

Toptend History
Develop More Markets

With Covid 19 improved situations, we open up more markets worldwide with the traffic safety product in consistent quality.

Welcome To Work With Us

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And we got many clients who have been working and growing with us since our establishment in 2008.

Besides as Cheap Alternatives to 3M, Avery Dennison or Oralite conspicuity reflective tape, many of our retro reflective film rolls for road signs we manufacture and supply have been used to replace big brands such as 3M, Avery or Orafol. They include extensive ranges and types: commercial grade, engineer grade, high intensity, high intensity prismatic, diamond grade that are good for digital printing and cutting plotter.

We aim to be your long-term supplier in China for self-adhesive reflective films, retroreflective tape and reflective vinyl materials that you can grow your sales over the long term!

At the same time, your applications in the traffic safety or even clothing fields will be saving a lot of costs!

For example, road signs, number plates, reflective material for clothing (such as safety vests or jackets, reflective heat transfer film).

Please see our client testimonials and their traffic safety applications.

Or you can start checking our high quality traffic safety products that comply with international standards, such as ASTM D4956, EN12899, EN20471, DOT-C2, SGS.

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