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Case Study: Reflective Signage Vinyl Application in USA and Europe

USA Client Meeting for Best Digital Printable Traffic Signage Reflective Vinyl Film

Reflective vinyl that are compatible with digital print and cutting plotters are widely used in reflective sign making nowadays.  Toptend is a top manufacturer and supplier of reflective vinyl film & material for traffic signs in China (3M, Avery or Oralite vinyl sheets alternatives), which are perfect to manufacture outdoor commercial, traffic and road signages, both permanent or temporary. And we also manufacture and export a full selection of reflective sign blanks & faces, such as highway, warning or stop signs, etc.

And we have exclusive technics and formulas different from other competition. Our quality is definitely more steady and superior to other counterparts (but still at a cheap price). Besides 3M, Avery Dennison or Orafol reflective tape cheap alternatives, many of our clients have also switched to our products, e.g. printable best retro-reflective vinyl film after trying with manufacturers or suppliers for other reflective signage vinyl and traffic film material for road signs.

A good example is when our long-term reflective sheeting vinyl client from LA, the USA visited us in China in 2009. 

They moved to LA, the USA, stay permanently and run a traffic safety business since they were the 20s from other countries.

We had a pretty wonderful time together, showing them around the good scenic views in China. More importantly, we discussed continuous cooperation in the long run and how to further promote sales and grow business in the future.

Meeting with USA Client for Reflective sign Sheeting

Digital Printing on Toptend Reflective Sheeting H3300 in LA, USA

The video shows the printing on our H3300 by the VIP Client from LA, USA. They have run the traffic safety business for more than 25 years since they moved to the USA in their 20s from other countries. 

They switched from 3M and Avery vinyl to us and have been purchasing Digital Printable Reflective Vinyl (H3300), and others like Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting for the production of road signs, advertisements, or commercial signs.

The client likes our supplies as our products are of the same or similar quality as 3M or Avery reflective self-adhesive vinyl sheets including inkjet reflective vinyl (as low-cost alternatives and save a lot).

And they print a lot in their workshop to make reflective signs or stickers and are very happy with their printing quality and performance! 

We have worked together for more than 15 Years and become very kind and loyal clients as well as good friends with us!

Besides the above H3300, we have a bundle of other reflective sheeting for digital print, at different grades and prices for you to choose from. Surely one of them will meet your specific needs for making signs by printing.

For example, Commercial Grade Reflective Film H3200 is another great and low-cost choice for both screen and HP latex printing, with a much better retro-reflection and more flexibility to apply onto various substrates. Please do check it out and also see some of its applications by our clients in Europe below.

Road Sign Applications in Europe (Printed by HP Latex Printers)

These pictures are some of road and street signs real examples manufactured from our reflective film in Europe, such as commercial grade, high intensity, prismatic fluorescent yellow green, among others.

The client in Europe is in the traffic safety signs production business and is very happy with our reflective sheeting vinyl for the consistency in quality.

As a result, they are very confident in us and therefore have been applying their trademark (OEM) on the reflective sheeting film we supply.

Reliable China Traffic Sign Reflective Vinyl Film & Sheets Material Manufacturers Comparable to 3M, Avery & Oralite

With 15+ Years of rich experience in retro-reflective signage vinyl and reflective sign blanks materials field, we are also a reliable Photoluminescent Vinyl & Luminous Glow in the Dark Tape Manufacturer and supply the best quality Luminescent Film Similar to 3M 6900 Photoluminescent Film.

More importantly, we are recognized as a top reflective tape manufacturer in China as the best cheap alternatives to 3M or Oralite (e.g. 3M 983). So, please do not miss out on our highly cost-efficient best reflective tape options for conspicuity vehicle marking (e.g. for trucks, cars, and motorcycles).

We also produce various reflective materials for clothing (reflective fabric rolls, FR reflective tape, reflective heat transfer vinyl, etc that are comparable to Scotchlite quality.)

We can custom our supplies to make sure you always get what you need at competitively cheap wholesale factory prices and enjoy comparable advantages with better performance than the mundane others.

And that will help you boost your sales and better your competitive advantages in your local markets.

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