Photoluminescent Glow in the Dark Vinyl H9300 (PVC, Glossy, Screen & Eco Solvent Digital Printable)

  • Budget-Friendly Screen & Digital Printable Photoluminescent Vinyl
  • Looks Glossy with Smooth Topcoat That Aids Against Scuffs and Scratches
  • Cheap Best Alternatives to 3M 6900, 3M Scotchcal VP1587-30, or Avery SF 100 Printable Glow in the Dark Vinyl Film
  • Improved Formula & Better Overall Performance
  • Upgraded and Excellent Digital Printing Quality
  • Positive Client Feedback with More Sales
  • Orafol is Our Client Buying From Us
Toptend reflective traffic safety products from china

Check Out How This Product is Different Superior

Glow in the Dark Luminescent Vinyl - Photoluminescent Vinyl Film Top Manufacturer

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Toptend photoluminescent vinyl H9300 is a screen and digital printable glossy luminescent sign vinyl film mostly used indoors. And we are one of the best luminous glow in the dark vinyl roll manufacturers and suppliers in China (as excellent cheap alternatives to 3M luminous vinyl or Avery night glow in the dark vinyl).

Specifically, H9300 could be used as affordable alternatives to printable 3M luminous vinyl film 6900 3M Scotchcal VP1587-30 photoluminescent vinyl, or Avery SF 100 glow-in-dark film.

Therefore, with the ensured high quality at cheap wholesale factory prices, you can save a remarkable amount of costs as compared to these well-known brands, racking up more sales and profits as well as helping you maintain a stronger competitive edge.

As a result of persistent technology upgrading efforts, we have famous brands,  such as Orafol/Oracal buying from us.

Printable Photoluminescent Film Manufacturer Supplier (Close to 3M Luminous Glow in Dark Vinyl Tape)

Check this vido on Toptend being the top manufacturer supplier of cost-efficient Photoluminescent Film, Glow-in-the-dark vinyl, or Glowing Tape at a truly competitive cheap price in China, please watch this video and contact us. 

(Similar Quality to 3M, Avery, or Orafol Oralite luminous film or tapes).

We manufacture and supply these CHEAP and RELIABLE QUALITY luminous film or tape, or luminescent vinyl, reflective sheeting, or reflective conspicuity tape with the aim of increasing your sales and profits (as well as saving your money FOREVER).


Glow in the Dark Vinyl Comparison | Why Us

Our Product Advantages & Features Aimed to Increase Your Sales

Quality Issues Check

Avoid the possible issues that may occur over time from other luminescent sign vinyl suppliers

Because, being a leading digital printable luminous glow-in-the-dark film manufacturer factory, supplier, and wholesaler in China, we deeply understand what reliable high quality means to our clients in the competitive markets around the world.

Then, compared to other competitors, we are working flat out in the product research and have improved our expertise required for the luminescent sign vinyl film to overcome quality issues that may occur. And at the same time, reach or exceed industrial highest international standards and requirements.

To cite examples, check out below real cases that show when the glow vinyl may fester into problems (that should be avoided and also has been avoided by us).

Tunnel Issues
If such problem exists, it can not be printed any more.
Pitting On the Film and Color Changes Unexpectedly
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Check Out Advantages You or Your Clients Will be Happy With
Buy Luminous Vinyl Cheaper Reliable Quality
Long Durability
H9300 indoor life is up to 10 years
Excellent Overall Performance at Cheap Prices
H9300 is reliable in its overall performance (at competitive price).
Positive Feedbacks That Means More Sales
Toptend luminescent film and tape rolls have been making clients happy all the time. You or your customers will like our supplies too (and bulk up local business).
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Get Reliable Quality Luminescent Products Cheaper

China Reliable Photoluminescent Vinyl Film Manufacturer Toptend

Help You Grow Your Sales & Lower Costs

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As one of the leading and top manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in China (15+ Years history), we manufacture and export truly reliable quality a large selection of reflective material for clothing (reflective fabric and htv heat transfer iron-on vinyl), reflective sheeting film, reflective tape for vehicles as 3M, Avery Dennison or Oralite cheap alternatives and photoluminescent vinyl to meet your stringent traffic safety needs in a highly cost-efficient way.

Many reflective, luminous, and traffic safety products we manufacture hold their own against big brands. And they are considered as alternatives with similar quality to 3M, Avery or Oralite (but supplied at a lot cheaper wholesale factory prices you can afford).

Check out how our traffic safety clients think about us and their applications.

You can consider us to be your partner of best choice for (printable) glow in the dark vinyl China manufacturer to work with for the long term.

You will be very happy with our consistent quality as well as fast and good services (always).

(Note: In comparison to H9300, our another product H9100 is good to be supplied as diagonal striped luminescent vinyl or tape with stripes. Because we can print internally in the production as below picture shows).

black stripe luminous safety tape printing, prestriped luminescent film

Case Study: Orafol Chosen Us as Their Glow in the Dark Vinyl Supplier

As previously mentioned, we supply glow-in-the-dark vinyl roll to clients who have strict requirements, such as Orafol /Oralite (see below pictures for illustration).

So you will be happy too because we will deliver to you the right budget-friendly products with optimal performance with international standards.

Orafol PO for Our Luminous Vinyl
Bill of Lading for Orafol Cargo
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Printable Luminous Vinyl Film H9300 at Affordable Prices

  • PVC as topcoat material resists scratches and stains and also easily cleaned.
  • No heavy metals or radioactive materials used in the manufacturing process and non-toxic & non-radioactive.
  • Self-adhesive (pressure-sensitive adhesive) with backing paper.
  • Water-Resistant (though not for immersion into water)
  • Looks glossy (compare below-listed H9200 which looks matt and also outperforms its counterparts).
  • Regular light or dark yellow green color, as well as colorful color available (blue, red, orange, etc).
  • Different luminance options available (in different glowing times). For example, 3, 5, 8,10, 12 or longer hours in night glowing time at different prices. Or, when in mcd measurement by DIN67510 standards, such as 150 mcd or 300 mcd.
  • Screen and upgraded digital eco-solvent inkjet printable. In fact, many of our clients usually use eco-solvent printers to print with for their glow in the dark signs production.
  • Good for use for cutting plotters.
  • Suitable mostly for indoor/interior applications.
  • Up to 10 years in interior applications.


light yellow-green, dark yellow-green, colorful ones such as orange, red, pink, or blue

Suggested Applications:

Screen and digital print luminous signs, stickers, and markings (mostly indoor uses). Such as printed glow-in-the-dark safety or warning signage (e.g. exit sign or safety graphics at the cinema), logo (e.g. letters and graphic), sheets, labels, and markings for buildings, ships/shipboard areas, railways, metro, cars, stairs, walls and many more.

Moreover, it is also very suitable and great for other applications such as equipment, switches, doorbells, cars, motorcycles, craft projects (e.g. Halloween, Christmas, party’s DIY Stickers, Decals), among all the other similar applications at work, industrial areas, or home.

Packing of Glowing Rolls

For bulk orders, we usually use pallets to protect the cargo to deliver to you safely.  

Packing on Pallets
Well Packed So Arrives at You Safely
Loading Into Container
We Export and Ship Worldwide
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Other Cost-efficient Luminous & Reflective Products We Manufacture

Besides H9300,  you are welcome to check out our other high-quality options, similar to 3M 6900 luminous vinyl, Scotchcal VP1587-30 or Avery SF100 photoluminescent sign film. Of course, you can get a better idea if check out the comparison of all the 3 types of luminescent vinyl film materials as we supply from China to the worldwide markets. 

Please start growing your sales and better your competitive edges now (as well as saving costs)!

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